Canadian Musician - July/August 2017 - Page 74

TECH TOOLS BandLab, the social music platform where users can create, collaborate, and share their music, is now offering a free online integrated mastering tool to help musi- cians create more polished tracks. Integrated throughout the workflow and com- plementing BandLab’s Mix Editor cross-platform DAW, creators can now polish their music with enhanced dynamics and spectral quality. BandLab’s online mastering service offers free unlimited use and is compatible with all major music formats. The new feature is also integrated across the entire existing BandLab creative workflow so that creators can share final mastered tracks across the BandLab social music platform or download their finished works as high-quality versions for distribution to other services. The Perfect Ear app is designed to help musicians hone their aural skills and sense of rhythm. The app features customizable interval, scale, chord, and rhythm training exercises. It also includes the ability to create custom scales, chords, and chord progres- sions for exercises. There are theory articles, melodic dictation exercises, a sight reading trainer, absolute pitch trainer, note singing trainer, and a scale dic- tionary. The exercises and features are designed for beginners and professionals alike and exercises can be performed with a piano or guitar. Perfect Ear is available in the iTunes and Google Play app stores. The BackTrax app is designed to be an easy way to run backing tracks on stage from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. It works only with music that is directly synced to the device from a computer using iTunes, or content directly downloaded from the iTunes Store to the device. Using the app, users can switch to a mixer app or guitar amp app while the backing track is playing. There is an auto-scrolling lyrics display that is calibrated for the best fit, as well as on-screen volume control and AirPlay support. It also displays song count and total running time for set lists. The forScore app for iPad allows users to import PDF files of sheet music from the web and connect to services like Dropbox. Scores are kept organized by tagging the files and the app’s menus are automat- ically kept up to date. Users can also create, share, and play through set lists for a fully manual approach to grouping and arranging their files. For annotation, users can create and edit an unlimited number of drawing presets, add text to the page with adjustable formatting, and add common musical notation symbols with the stamps feature or draw or import custom designs. Files and annotations can be shared via email, Bluetooth, AirDrop, or printed out with AirPrint. 74 • C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N