Canadian Musician - July/August 2017 - Page 46

MORE THAN FUN Music Isn’t Just Recreation – IT’S EDUCATION By Nancy Miller W hen kids are involved in music, they are learning – and not just how to keep a beat. Everything from behaviour to concentration can benefit from exposure to and involvement with music. That’s a fact. But you already know this if you’ve ever per- formed for children. You actually witness their minds and memories working as you watch. So why is it that in Canada and the U.S., music programs in schools are crumbling? According to People for Education, an Ontario advocacy group that monitors and lobbies for better education, the number of elementary schools that have full or part-time specialist music teachers has gone down from 58 to 43 per cent in the past nine years, with rural areas suffering more than urban. Quick Facts From a report by People for Education Less than half of Ontario elementary schools have full or part-time music teachers. Only 11% of the province’s music teachers are in rural areas. Government funds for music programs and other arts are falling. Science says music education positively affects reading, concentration & cognition. 46 • C A N A D I A N HHHHHXܙ[Kˈ][[\][[ܙH[ \[و[Y\X[\X]Y[ [ M [[[\H] H\H\ܘ[\\H\X[H]\X[\ ][H[[[ٙ\[ۘ[XX[[H[Y]ق]\X۝[YHH\\Y[Y\]Y HX[ۜ\]ܞHو]\X[Y]\[H[Y]وX\B]\XYX][ۋ[]]YYH][Y[وYX[XY[[ˈ]Z[[[\Z\][[ۈ܈ۙ\\[[][[[Z[H[Hو[\]H܈\˂Hۜ\]ܞx&\X\\ܘ[H\\]\X\ܝYH\\ܛ\XXۚ]]H[[[[[ۚKB]H[\HH\XY[[X[]Y\]\ܝ\[\]\Y^BX]]Y\ˈ\HX[ۜ\]ܞH\ܝۈ]X]K8'[X\][[ۋY[[ܞK\\[ۋ[ۚ]]H^X[]H\HܝXX[Z[H\[XX[ڙX[[\[X]]Y\\\YY\XY[X][X]X[[[Y\[X[^][ۋ'B[\YHH\]\]\XH[[Y\XHXܙ]\X] ٙ\[ܙH]Y[K8'[YX[\X\Y\\][[[YB[H\\YH]H^[HوXY][Y[[\XX][\ݙ\\[X][ۈ[\]][ۈ[[[B[\Y[[Y[Y[[X\[ݙ\[ 'H]8&\HوX\[)^KH]] H\X\\ܝ] ]BYX]ܜ^O”[HX\H]Y\[H\Y[X\܈^\ܛX[B[YX][ۈ PK\[\HوP&\]XXܘ[KH[Y\]\]\Xܘ[\[[YYY˜[[\\\XY\X\8$\X[\HH][Z]Y܈™ܛX[]\Xܘ[\ˈ]ܚ]X] L\]HYX\[Bܛ۝\XKX\\]\YH[[&\ۘ[][ۋ\[[[[H\[ۜˈ8'\H[\X]Hܚ^[Z[HB\[\\ۙ[و^H\و\[\[[Y[H[KBܝ[Hو[\ݚ\][ۋ\][ۋ[[ܙK'