Canadian Musician - July/August 2017 - Page 38

ONE LAND , MANY VOICES I By Bob Mersereau t’s been awhile since Tara MacLean has been in the spotlight; nine years in fact. The singer-songwriter had a pretty enviable career going from the mid-’90s to 2008, with three solo albums on Nettwerk Records and two with EMI as part of the group Shaye. She had a publishing deal with Sony/ ATV, was managed by Terry McBride, had toured on Lilith Fair, and built a strong U.S. following opening for the likes of Dave Matthews Band. Shaye had done a reality TV show for CMT, and MacLean had played Conan on her own. All this atop an appearance in the film Coyote Ugly. Then, she decided to take a little break. Pregnant with her third child, she wanted to get off the road and the treadmill. “I had a record ready to go with Nettwerk, but when I told them that I was having another baby, they said, ‘Okay we’ll just put it on the shelf and get back to us when you’re ready t \8&x'HHZY ]\Y]]]\۸&]][\K8'[H\]وHXH\KB[Y[H[ZY 8&^Kx&[HXYK8&H[^HZY 8&[Hۛ]]\][\˜[Y [Y[H[[x&[]H\Hܘ] [Y[H] [x&[]B]X[H[[\[x&]HYH[[[HX[H[]&H[BX[^Y H[وY&] 'BXXX[]X]\YHۈ˸&\[[\[[ ZH]\[ۙH[K]YB]\XܛY\[[ˈۛYX[Z[][\H][YHX[\)[HYX\“XXX[]] X]HۛH[]^YYH[YH[H[YX[]\X[\H\B[YK[YX[]\X[\K\H[HYX\YX\\[[YH ML ]8&\[[\\[[YHZHو\XH[H]\X[ܛ ]]\H\H[][XܛH[H\[[Y\]\X[^H[[Yܘ[H[B[X][ۋ[[YX[Y[HY\[]\و\]\XX[ˈ[\][ۘ[K[Yx&\ٚ[H\]\Y[[YX[]\X H[\H]\ܝ][ MŒ8(HHHHHHHHH