Canadian Musician - July/August 2017 - Page 34

More Than Music Sarah Slean Gets Grand with Metaphysics By Adam Kovac It’s been a topsy-turvy few years in the life of Sarah Slean. Just two years ago, the talented multipotentialite wasn’t on- stage in front of thousands of fans. She wasn’t in the studio, work- ing on complex string arrangements. She wasn’t working on her painting or preparing for one of her occasional film roles. Slean, one of Canada’s most celebrated vocalists and songwriters, who has travelled the world and sold hundreds of thousands of records throughout a career that has now lasted over two decades, was in the Ontario dirt, coaxing radishes out of the ground. This wasn’t some kind of Neil Young-esque retreat to a ranch to recharge; music was the last thing on her mind. In fact, in her mind, the odds were good she would never per- form again. And yet, I find myself chatting with her in early spring 2017, shortly after the release of Metaphysics, her 11 th album and first new X]\X[[[[^YX\˂'۸&]^H]ZH] H[YXYOܙx'HH^Z[\]HXK8']\Y[]Z]HHۙ[YN]8&\][BY\^Z[]]\۸&]X[HY[ZH] 'BHZ\H\\[YHۙ\[][YH8$\\X^\[Y[[\ۘ[\X][]XYH\[\ܘ\H[][ۈ\[[Y[HZHHZ[܈Y\Y[ 'H\و\Xܙ\Y\HZ[[K8'HHKB[ˈ8'[H[ݙYH\KH\]H\HH\ۙKHY&][]ۈYHYZ[HY&][]H][H[YZ[X]\H]8&\ٝ[]][Y[ZH[H]\X\[\ˈH\[[8&H۸&][H[][[[ܙK&H]\^HY[[]KH\YYYHX\˜Y x&YY[[X[KX[H\[H\[Y]^B[[H[ 'B]8&\ۙ\X[\^]\Y [ LKH[X\Y[ XK[[X][\XH[[H]X]\Y\^ܘ\[\[[Y[\[\]H [X[[[\˂H\[XHZ[]Xܙ[YYX\[X]\Y]\[[[[[\ۚXۘ\Z^Y[[[ۙHˈ\Y]\۸&]^]\[[Y \B8(HHHHHHHHH\HH]]\[^Z[۝[\ܘ\H\X[\B][ۜۈX[˂H[و[Z]Y[[H[YY\][H[X\ۙYY˂'H\[[\X[H^]\[8'H^\X[8']8&\œX[KX[H\ۈHK[[x&\H[[\ [ŒHYX\[x&\HX[H\[Y[ ][\[H]\]]\\[\\\XX[H[[H]H\B\[ۜ[[\\ۘ[YK'BۈH\ۘ[YKH L]ܘH[[[[ۘ[ \X][[][[ܙH\X[&\XHZBݙ\\ۈX[Y[Y[]Y\][YHYX\8$HX\[ۂ]8'Y][Y\XZ\\H[[\ٙHYK'B\[YHۈH\H[Y\X\H[Y\\ܙX]]H[\K]\۸&][X\H\[\]Z\YHۜY\BXH[[[وYܝ8$\]X[ [[[ۘ[ Y[[ [\X[ '^HZ[\\X[HX[H[[]B[Y[HX]K8'HH^\ˈ8'HY[ZHHB\و[ݘ][^H\H\X[H[XXˈH\X\B[][\HXZH\\[\[[[H[]\[&]]Z]HY Y]X^\[ˈHYœX[HYH[\H[ˈH[]8&\]\\[[[^HZ[ HY[H[\H]\][YYY˜H\X[Y[XZ[ 'BH[[H][YH]وH\YX\\H\[[KB[\ Y]\\X\HX[ۈو\[\\X]\[œ[\[YHX[\[[HH۝[[ۘ[XܙH[H]وH[XY[][ۋX[&\[Y[Y\˜\Hٝ[[X[\\\\HXHHܘH][Hٝ[^Y\Y[[Y[][ۈ]\Z[\\][KHX[H[]]HY[[ BX]\ܚXˈ\HXYK^HXYHHY\[[XKB[ۈو]\XوYK[ \H]H[\Y\H^\\Y\]\H[\Z[Hܚ][\\HܘYX[ۙK]YX\Z[]\ݙ\H\Hو]\[[۝\X[Xܘ] BY]H]\\\&\و[YX[[[ ۛۈ\Z