Canadian Musician - July/August 2017 - Page 28

PERCUSSION Robb Ryan in a drummer, author, educator, and online instructor with Robb specializes in the work of Gary Chaffee. For more information, visit and rhythmicvocabulary. By Robb Ryan Getting Musical Mileage from Simple Patterns M any drummers will work at a new pattern until they nail it, but only play it verbatim and not explore all the additional musical mileage that is available to them. Without taking these patterns further, you are really just learning a lick and not the concept behind it. Most of today’s top players have taken very simple patterns and learned them every way possible, squeezing every ounce of possibility out of everything they learn. This makes sense on several levels. Your body already knows the hand and foot patterns. Your muscle memory is set from learning the initial pattern, which makes other variations a lot easier. Also, learning how to use patterns in different ways makes you more open to playing them musically in different situations. Let’s take a look at getting a lot of mileage from the basic para- diddle, though recognize that these concepts can be used for any pattern that you currently know. Ex. 1 is the basic paradiddle: Functioning Patterns and play the written bass drum figures against this hand pattern to gain a high degree of coordinated independence with it. Ex. 3 is an example: EX. 3 From here, we can flip the pattern around and play it between the right foot and left hand, as with Ex. 4 and 5. The same rules will ap- ply – all unaccented notes must be ghosted. Again, explore multiple right hand ride patterns against it. EX. 4 EX. 5 EX. 1 This pattern should first be worked out on the practice pad or snare drum. When you’ve nailed it, experiment with it around the մи)QͥЁ݅Ѽ́Ѽٔѡͥɽѥѡ)ɅѼѡȁͽչͽɍ̰Ս́ȁѽ́ȁ嵉̸)=׊eٔЁѡа䁵٥ѡՉɽѥɽչ)ѡ͕Ёݡ٥ѡͥɽ́ѡ͹ɔմٕՅ)ԁݥձ᥉䁅ɽչѡЁݥѠѡ́ѕɸMЁ)ͥѥ͔ѡ́́ݼȁȵЁմ)QЁѕѡ́ɽ́́Ѽ͔ѡɅ́ɽٔ)́ݥѠ฀ȸQ́͡ձɱ䁕䁅́׊eٔѡͅ)͍䁙ɽɅѥЁɽչѡմи) 䁹ܰԁݥٕٔ䁡ɕͅ䁙ɽѡ́ͥ)ѕɸ฀؁܁ٽٔ她ѡɅٕȁɕЁɅѕ̰)ɥ̸̰͕Q́ݥٔ́ѥ%ѡ)ݽɑ̰ݔ͔ѡ́ѕɸѼЁͽչݔɔͱݥ)ѥݸ她Ёٕȁɥ́ȁѥ她)Ёٕȁ̸͕)`)`)`)%Ё́хЁѼєѡЁԁЁɽȁ幅́ȁЁݥ)ͽչٕ䁡䁡Q͹ɔմѕ́ɕѡͥ́)啐ͽѱ䀡ѕݥѠȁѥɔѡѡ)Qɔ͡ձٕ䁍ȁɕݕѡѕ)ѕ́́ݼȁѡѕ̸)=ѡ́ѕɸ́ԁхЁѼɔȴ)Ё́մɕ́Ёи$՝Ёхɕѕ)Ս́IéM幍ѥ ѕˊéQ9܁ ɕȁ éQ( 8$84TL$ $8)%ӊéѼɸѡ͔ѕɹ́ѡȁݸݥѠɽ)и=хԁ͡ձ͕Ёݼ́ͥѠ)єѥѡݼ́ѡȁѡٔѕɹ̸) ɕհͥѡ́ՙݥѠѡȁ́́ԁɅѡ)ե䁥ѡ䁑eЁ܁ѡЁӊé)́ԁ͕ԁЁЁͅɽͥ)ѡ͔́Ѽȁݸѕɹ́Ѽ͕ݡЁԁ)ݥѠ