Canadian Musician - January / February - Page 66

HOT GEAR Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module Yamaha has released the EAD10 electronic acoustic drum module, which enables drummers to capture the sounds of an acoustic drum set with one microphone/trigger component attached to a digital processor. Designed for recording, rehearsal, and performance, the EAD10 addresses common challenges facing drummers who want to record high-quality drum performances easily and affordably, thanks to its central module and combination microphone/trigger sensor that mounts on the bass drum. The microphone captures and reproduces the natural, dynamic sound of the entire kit, while the module adds a number of effects, including flange, phase, and several varieties of reverb. For hybrid drum expansion, the central module features a snare trigger input and two three-zone trigger inputs that are compatible with the Yamaha DT50S snare trigger and DTX Series pads. For more information, contact Yamaha Canada Music: 416-298-1311, FAX 416-292-1171, Mission Engineering 529 USB Power Converter Mission Engineering has released the 529 USB Power Converter. For a long time, the de facto standard for guitar effects pedals has been 9 V DC from a disposable PP3 battery or an external 9 V power supply. The thinking behind the 529 USB Power Converter was that it would be easier to power effects pedals from USB, as has become common with other devices. The 529 takes a 5 V USB input and converts it to 9 V pedal power ports. There are four isolated 150 mA outputs for powering conven- tional effects pedals plus a 500 mA high-power output for devices with higher current requirements. The USB input can be almost any type of USB power device. A USB wall charger such as that used with a phone or tablet will work, and one is included with the 529. Also, a USB rechargeable battery pack can be used and almost any off-the-shelf USB battery pack will work. A smaller 1A pack is enough for a few pedals. For more information, contact Mission Engineering: 866-333-1828, FAX 866-333-7260,, Seagull Maritime Solid Wood Series Guitars Seagull Guitars, a member of the Godin family, has overhauled its Maritime Solid Wood Series (SWS) for 2018. The Maritime SWS series guitars, which are designed to be classic in approach but modern in sound and construction, feature all-solid-wood construction with select pressure tested spruce top and mahogany back and sides for a projecting tone and Richlite fret- boards for a bold and clear sound. The new line features a variety of acoustic body shapes in natural semi-gloss custom polished finishes. A shadowed burst finish on the body and headstock refreshes the line’s aesthetics. Other special features include cutaway models and a Godin EPM Q1T preamp. The new models include the Maritime SWS SG, Maritime SWS SG QIT, Maritime SWS CW GT QIT, and Maritime SWS CH CW QIT. For more information, contact Godin Guitars: 514-457-7977, FAX 514-457-5774,, 66 • C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N MARITIME SWS CW GT QIT