Canadian Musician - January / February - Page 60

LIVE SOUND Blair Francey joined his first band as a guitarist and vocalist while attending the University of Western Ontario in 1975, and is still gigging with all of the founding members. His lifelong love of music combined with his desire to understand the equipment and technology needed for music performance, production, recording, and reproduc- tion is an important and ongoing part of his life. He is currently providing audio production and recording services in southern Ontario; making acoustic treatments, cables, and studio furniture; and volunteering with the AES Toronto Chapter Executive Committee and Cambridge Third Age Learning Group. By Blair Francey What’s In Your Tool Kit? O ne of the best ways to prepare for a gig is to put togeth- er a tool kit that covers as many technical issues as you think prudent. Of course, what you decide to put in will depend on the types of gigs you’re working and the types of venues you’re working in, but there are some general tools that are good to have on you in any live sound situation. I’ve put mine together over 40 years of troubleshooting audio system issues. This is the list of the tools that I take to every show: • Vacuum tubes: 2 x 6L6GC, 3 x 12AX7, 1 x 12 AT7, 1 x ECC83 • Co-axial and Cat-5 inline couplers and USB to PS/2 keyboard adapter • Video adapters: DVI-F to VGA-M, DVI-M to VGA-F, and DVI-M to HDMI • 45-watt pencil soldering iron • AA, AAA, and 9V batteries Test & Measurement Tools: • AudioJog Pro8 cable tester • AC outlet polarity tester • Battery-powered multimeter • Galaxy CM130 SPL meter • Petersen StroboStomp 2 instrument tuner • Leica Distro Classic 80 M laser distance meter • 10-ft. Imperial/Metric measuring tape Administrative Supplies: • Clipboard, paper, input list, stage plot, tech rider, and contact list for performers and venue • Masking, gaffers, and coloured electrical tape • 8 GB USB memory stick AC Distribution: • SurgeX SA966 Advanced Series Mode surge eliminator • Furman AR1215 voltage regulator • AC extension cords, IEC power cables, power bars, and AC stage boxes • Sennheiser EW100 Series AC adaptor Tools, Adaptors, Spare Parts & Misc. Supplies: • Screwdriver with interchangeable bits • Combination wire cutter/stripper/crimping tool • Small locking pliers, hole reaming tool, and fuse removal tool • Miniature screwdriver, nut driver set, and miniature awl • Allen wrench set up to 3/8-in., Torx bits, right-angle Phillips screw driver • Metric and imperial socket set with ratchet driver and extension • LED flashlights, Sharpies, pens, and pencils • Drum keys • Guitar maintenance toolkit • Assorted XLR, 1/4-in., 1/8-in., and banana plug connectors and adapters • Nylon cable ties, cable shrink wrap, and tape head cleaning swabs • 10/32-in. rack screws and miscellaneous fasteners and washers • Assorted picks, fuses, guitar hardware, pots, strap pins, etc. 60 • C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N Audio Hardware: • Closed-ear headphones • Sony PCM M10 digital recorder • Countryman 10S active stereo DI • Radial JDI Duplex Mk 3 passive stereo DI • Spare microphones, stands, and analog audio cables • FireWire, USB, and assorted digital audio cables • QSC TouchMix-30 Pro console with LaCie 500GB SSD Road Cases: • Gator GX-20 rolling cable & accessory storage case • Gator GX-42 molded case for mics & stands • Audio Hardware custom stand & equipment case • 2 x Gator G-Shock 4L rack cases • A Milwaukee waterproof part/tool case and assorted microphone cases Customize, upgrade, and maintain your tool kit to fit your needs. While the above-listed road cases have served me well for the past decade, I’m currently designing a pair of custom road cases on wheels to serve as the new rolling home for all of the above. I plan to build these myself out of Baltic birch plywood to minimize the footprint and organize my road kit for ease of use and deployment. Finally, remember that this is a small community; if you’re honest, )ݽɬɐݥѠѡѕ́ݔ͔)ɥ͔Ѽѡԁݥɸɕхѥ́qѿtٔͽչ)ɽͥ]ѡЁ̰ԁݥՍ