Canadian Musician - January / February - Page 5

10 ROAD TEST 20 INDIE INSIDER Eh440 & others who innovate with their voices, Pg. 38 Music BC’s Phoenix Program & The Need for Music Business Education New pro headphones from Beyerdynamic & Sennheiser, a pair of advanced reverb plug-ins from Exponential Audio & IK Multimedia’s Syntronik virtual instrument DEPARTMENTS 9 12 18 19 64 71 74 76 78 First Take Changes CM Radio Events Hot Gear Advertisers’ Index Tech Tools Classifieds Showcase COLUMNS 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 58 59 60 62 Guitar – Joey Landreth Keyboards – Teri Parker Bass – Tim White Percussion – Jodi Dunlop Woodwinds – Bill McBirnie Brass – Paul Baron Digital Music – FWLR Vocals – Lydia Persaud Writing – Dale Boyle Recording – Dajaun Martineau Live Sound – Blair Francey Business – Chris Brown Cool Heads Prevail FEATURES Superheroic Sounds The Ambition Behind Lights’ Skin & Earth 34 By Adam Kovac On her new album, Skin & Earth, and its complementing series of comic books, Lights is finally ready to drop the subtlety and fully let her geek flag fly. Raising Their Voices 38 By Andrew King In a time when so much music is created or enhanced in the box, we connect with some innovators who are elevating the art of vocal music. 42 The Unique Challenges of Life as a Touring Musician By Liam Duncan Stress. It’s all-too-familiar to those who make a living through music, though as our panel of touring artists suggests, a positive outlook and faith that everything will work out goes a long way. Planning Your Path to Success Our 2018 Focus on Music Education 49 By Samantha Everts-Matusoff Your music industry career path can be a rocky one that’s constantly curving unexpectedly, but don’t fret. We’ve got some ideas to keep you pushing forward. Raising Their Voices The Good Lovelies, Eh440, Micah Barnes & More Cool Heads Prevail Staving Off the Stresses of a Music Career with Jadea Kelly, The Beaches & Others Plan Your Path to Success Music Education in 2018 Music conferences & other sources of music education, Pg. 49 COVER PHOTO: LIGHTS BY MATT BARNES Guitar Tips from Joey Landreth