Canadian Musician - January / February - Page 46

THE BEACHES Dealing with Stress & Stressful Situations Most touring artists have some crazy touring stories. For example, my band was once playing a couple of shows at Sunshine Valley Ski Resort. The shows were a blast and we all got to ski and snowboard for a couple of days. This was at the tail end of the tour, and the next show was in Saskatoon. We were planning on driving to Medicine Hat the night before our Saskatoon show to cut down on the eight-hour drive, but we hit a snag. While I was tearing up the mountain (kind of ) on my snowboard, the one and only key to the van disappeared from my pocket and ended up somewhere on the vast mountain, fully buried in slushy spring snow. When we got to the bottom of the mountain, we had our gear all spread out around us and no way to get it into the van, let alone drive the van off the mountain, let alone get to our next gig. I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed in my- self; however, with the help of my bandmates, I figured it out. CAA came and opened up the van, and then CAA came to the rescue again with a flatbed truck. I got the driver to deliver the van to the Dodge dealership in Canmore. We grabbed a hotel and first thing the next morning, I went down to the dealership. As luck would have it, the dealership had one program- mable key, and $250 later, we were on the road. We even made it to the gig on time. Frankly, this isn’t even the craziest or most uncom- fortable experience we’ve gone through; it’s just a classic example. These kinds of situations are basically commonplace, and there are lessons to be learned from them. “It sounds cheesy,” says Dylan MacDonald, my other bandmate, “but it really teaches you to relax and not sweat the small stuff. In everyday life as well.” I’ve been touring with Fitzgerald for over a year now, and he has 10 years of touring experience on me. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned on the road with him is that if you remain calm and just take the time to figure things out, they tend to work out. Fitzgerald is a bit of an eternal optimist, and I asked 46 • C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N him how he maintains that when faced with the adversity that touring brings. “I don’t feel like that 100 per cent of the time,” he explains, “but it definitely tips that direction. There’s times when you get in a f [\[\܈[H]HY[XZ[ ܈[^H[8)\x&\H[H[[B[[x&\H\[ˈ\x&\H[KH[[x&\BXX[H\[ۘ]HX] \x&\H[[X[\و] \H\HX[H[]ܚ[H[][H\]HH[[Z\ ]XZ\HZ\ܝX\Y\]XZ\H\Y\X\Y\]XZ\]\][X\Y\']8&\Y][[H\X\ݙ\[YH8$]]\[ܚ] ۙH^H܈[\]8&\[ܚ] ]X^HHH^H[H[Y]ܚ] ܈]X^BH L[Y\]\]]8&\[ܚ] 'BHX\][[[x&\H]YK[x&\HXY][\Z[H]\H^K\\]H[H]\]XZ\[H]HY\] HRQHT\][ܝ]’HH\HܚY\۸&]]H[HHܛۙ[\\B[ێ\H\\[ݙH]^x&\H[˂'H[]\YH[Hو] HݙH][ܙH[[KB[8'HY\\[K8'\Y HܛH[[X^[ۙ[ K[H]HYH[ܙH\[ۜ\YZˈHX]H]ܚ[H]\X[\H[H\[YBܙX]]H[H[H[YH8$]8&\H\؈[Hܛ 'B[و\H۝\][ۜ\H[\[YH[YB\[^\ˈHݙHX\[Y\[\\X[]H[[\]\\Y\]ٙ\\[H^B]H[[\[H\Y[\HܙX]]]K]H[وH^K]Y\ۈ][H]]B][Z]]]\][[ܚ] []\[[H[[\]\[\˜X[[\][ۈ[[H\H^\Y[\˜ܙX]][K[[[\[]H[HY[[][H^\Y[HۈHY[]YH[HܙX]ܙX]]HY[ ]]]YK[ۙ]H[H[YX[܈[HZ]][[ܚ] XZ\܈X\ٝ[ X]B\[H[[[YHYH\[ X[H[[\]\XX[[ܚ]\\Y[[\YPHZ\XZH]\X]\[HZYB\ X[H]ۈXX