Canadian Musician - January / February - Page 20

ROAD TEST Sennheiser HD25-1 II Headphones By Adam Gallant S ennheiser is celebrating the 25 th anni- versary of its popular HD25 closed-back, on-ear headphones with the updated HD25-1 II. The original HD25s are favou- rites to DJs and field techs for their snug fit, tight bass response, and high attenuation of back- ground noise. The HD25-1 IIs are a true reissue, sporting the same features that popularized the acclaimed original in the ‘90s. The HD25-1 IIs are designed for professional use and built to last a lifetime. Their appearance is simple, sleek, and void of flashy branding. These headphones are highly maintainable, with all parts designed for easy replacement. In Use Despite their snug fit, these headphones are re- markably comfortable for extended periods of use. They are notably lightweight at 140 grams and the headband is splayed, meaning it can be spread open to two pieces which comfortably grasp the listener’s head. The left earpiece also has the ability to rotate off the ear and hug the listener’s head for secure, one-ear listening. This feature makes the HD25s ideal for DJs monitor- ing via the room or camera operators needing one ear free for crew communication. The pair we tested at the studio came with a 1.5-m straight cable with detachable 1/4-in. adapter. Coiled cables are optional and very simple to swap out with plugs on each earpiece – perfect for customization and maintenance, as I tend to prefer coiled cabling as it is less suscep- tible to handling noise. The ear pads are made of a high-quality synthetic leatherette, and optional plush pads are available. The HD25-1 IIs have a distinctive sound with full-bodied low end. Their frequency response extends from 16 Hz to 22,000 Hz, and the to- tal harmonic distortion is rated at 0.3 per cent. Their nominal impedance is 70 Ω. Capable of reproducing healthy amounts of low end, I found myself reaching for the HD25-1 IIs when over- dubbing bass. The results were pleasant and I found that I did not need to fuss with my work- ing mix as much as I do when tracking with my usual HD280s. During prolonged use, I found the HD25s to be very usable at low volumes and not harsh in the least. Reducing fatigue is important for the daily pro user and Sennheiser seems to have catered the sound of these headphones with this in mind. Summary In my experience, the HD Դā%%́ɔѡ)́ѡЁݥхѥ͔)䁽ёȁѥ̰եЁ)Յѕ́ȁͽѥЁ́ݕ)́ɽͥȁͥѕаɕ)əɵѡՑȁЁѡ) ɑ幅PAI