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MARK YOUR calendar... Guitar Workshop Plus Announces 2018 Dates Time Left to Enter Canadian Songwriting Competition Submissions are being accepted for the second annual Canadian Songwriting Competition until Jan. 31, 2018. Each online entry requires an original song, a copy of the lyrics, and an entry fee of $30 per submission. Submissions are open to all amateur and professional songwriters who live in and/or are citizens of Canada. If there are multiple writers on a single entry, at least 50 per cent of the writers must be Canadian. This year, there is a $10,000 cash com- ponent to the grand prize and over $40,000 Guitar Work- shop Plus has announced its 2018 schedule. There will be one Canadian session this year, running in Toronto from July 23-28. The remainder of the dates include: San Diego, CA from June 17-22; Nashville, TN from July 15-20; and Seattle, WA from Aug. 19-24. Early bird discounts and gear giveaways are available until Feb. 15, 2018. Designed for aspiring musicians of all ages, including teenagers, adult hobby- ists, students pursuing music careers, and semi-professional and professional musi- OUTLOOK SURVEY Canadian Musician surveyed musicians across the country to find out how 2017 was for their music careers and what their expectations are for 2018. Here are the results… In 2017, 60% said performing live was their largest source of music-related reve- nue and 71% expect it will be in 2018 21% expect to make significantly more income from music & music-related work in 2018 compared to 2017, while 44% expect to make slightly more. Only 7% expect to make less. 16 • C A N A D I A N M U S I C I A N Did you release recorded music in any form in 2017? Yes, via a label 7% Yes, via a music distributor (i.e. CD Baby, ReverbNation, etc.) 21% Yes, self-released 21% No 51% How many paid shows did you perform in 2017? None 30% 1-10 28% 11-20 16% 21-40 9% 41-60 7% 60+ 9% in cash and prizes up for grabs in total. For more information, go to CHANGES cians, the program offers students a setting for intense musical and personal growth. As well, this program allows for group development and courses are offered for all levels (beginner to advanced), ages (12 through adult), and styles including blues, jazz, rock, acoustic, and classical. There are also intensive bass, drum, keyboard, vocal, and songwriting courses. For more information, contact Guitar Workshop Plus: 905-567-8000,, DEAD OBIES AT POP MONTREAL 2017 POP Montreal 2018 Accepting Showcase Submissions POP Montreal is now accepting showcase applications for its 2018 edition, happening Sept. 26-30. The submission deadline is May 13, 2018, with a fee of $30. Each year, the five-day festival presents more than 400 artists to more than 60,000 music fans and industry delegates. The 2018 festival showcases will be held in 50 venues throughout Montreal. Artists from all genres will be accepted and artists are encouraged to apply rega ɑ±•ÍÌ)½˜•½É…Á¡¥Œ±½…Ñ¥½¸¸)½Èµ½É”¥¹™½Éµ…Ñ¥½¸°¼Ñ¼)ÝÝܹÁ½Áµ½¹Ñɕ…°¹½´¸)%¸€ÈÀÄÜ°Ý¡…ЁÁ•É•¹Ñ…”½˜å½Õȁ…¹¹Ô´)…°¥¹½µ”Ý…́•¹•É…Ñ•‰äµÕÍ¥Œ…¹)µÕÍ¥ŒµÉ•±…Ñ•Ý½É¬ü)9½¹”(ÌԔ(Ä´ÈԔ(ÌÀ”(ÈØ´ÔÀ”(ÈĔ(ÔÄ´ÜԔ(Ȕ(ÜØ´ÄÀÀ”(ÄȔ)]¡…ЁÕÉɕ¹Ð½¥¹½µ¥¹œÑɕ¹‘́‘¼å½Ô)Áɕ‘¥ÐÝ¥±°µ½ÍЁͥ¹¥™¥…¹Ñ±ä…™™•Ð)å½ÕȁµÕÍ¥ŒµÉ•±…Ñ•‰½Ñѽ´±¥¹”™½È(ÈÀÄàü+Šq]¥Ñ ÁÉ¥•ÌÉ¥Í¥¹œÝ¥Ñ •Ù•ÉåÑ¡¥¹œ¥¸)Ñ¡”•½¹½µä°$¡…Ù”Í••¸±Õ‰Ì½Ù•¹Õ•Ì)Ʌ¥Í¥¹œÑ¡”Á…䁙½È•¹Ñ•Éх¥¹µ•¹ÐÑ¡¥Ì±…ÍÐ)ÅՅÉѕȁ½˜€ÈÀÄܸ$™••°¥ÐÝ…́ͽµ•Ý¡…Ð)¥‘±”Ñ¡”±…ÍЀȴЁ啅É̸Q¡¥Ì¥Ì½½„‡Št+ŠqQ¡”¥¹É•…Í¥¹œ¹••™½ÈµÕÍ¥Œ™½Èµ•‘¥„)Áɽ‘Սѥ½¹Ì»Št+Šq=¹±¥¹”ÍÑɕ…µ¥¹œÍ•ÉÙ¥•Ì°Ý¡¥±”½™™•É¥¹œ)„Ý¥‘•È…Õ‘¥•¹”°Í•É¥½Õͱ䁱¥µ¥ÐÑ¡”)…µ½Õ¹Ð½˜É•Ù•¹Õ”…¸…ÉÑ¥ÍЁ…¸•¹•É…Ñ”)ѡɽ՝ Í…±•Ì»Št