Canadian Music Trade - October/ November 2017 - Page 72

PRODUCT NEWS EVH Left-Handed Wolfgang WG Standard Models EVH has released a pair of left-handed Wolfgang WG Standard models. The EVH Wolfgang WG Standard LH (Left Hand) has a basswood body with special “comfort cut” forearm contour for enhanced playing ease, quilt maple top on transparent finish, two-piece bolt-on maple neck with graphite reinforcement, a truss rod adjust spoke wheel at the base of the neck, and a 12- 16-in. compound radius maple fingerboard with rolled edges and 22 jumbo frets. Bridge and neck position EVH Wolfgang humbucking pick- ups are mounted directly to the body and increase resonance transfer, resulting in more sustain. The guitar is also equipped with two domed control knobs that have been dialled in to Eddie Van Halen’s specifications, including a smooth-feeling 500 k volume pot that makes it easy to find a unique sound while retaining the crisp high-end of the pickups. For more information, contact Fender Musical Instruments Corp.: 480-596-9690, FAX 480-596-1384, Blue Raspberry Studio All-in-One Mobile Recording System Blue has released the Raspberry Studio all-in-one mobile recording system, combining the company’s Raspberry USB microphone with custom recording software from PreSonus and mastering software from iZotope. Raspberry is a USB microphone for PC, Mac, and iOS that is designed to deliver the clarity of studio microphones in a small, portable format. The condenser capsule is tuned to record up close or at tabletop distance. An Internal Acoustic Diffuser (IAD) focuses on the voice or instrument and minimizes environmental sounds by diffusing noise and reflections. The integrated stand minimizes contact with surfaces and isolates the microphone from vibrations. The PreSonus Studio One Artist Blue Microphones Edition recording software allows users to stack multiple instrument and vocal tracks to create fully produced songs with a 32-bit audio engine. iZotope’s Ozone Elements is designed to make it easier to create final master mixes. For more information, contact HHB Communications Canada: 416-867- 9000, FAX 416-867-1080,, GHS Pure Nickel Mandolin Strings GHS Strings has released its Pure Nickel Mandolin strings. Pure Nickel strings were commonly available in the 1 )`̸Qȁձɥ͔݅ѡɕͥ)յȁɽٕ́ѥѥѡ)ٽյ́Ʌɥՙɕ́Ѽɔ)ɕЁх̸)QAɔ95ɥ́ɔͥѼٕȁ)݅ɴɥ٥хͽչݥѠѥѽQɥϊd)ѽ՝́ݕɔ͕Ѽɽ٥ɔͽչ)ٔхɽ́́ɕщɐQ)ɔȁ́ȁѡѥѽ٥х)̰ȁ݅ѥɔɥ́Ѡѽɽ)̸Q܁Aɔ95ɥ́ɔم)ݼ՝͕̰ɽԴѼĴĸ)ȁɔɵѥхЁ Ё5ͥдܴ԰)`дܴ԰ѵܹͥѵͥ() 9%85UM% QI