Canadian Music Trade - October/ November 2017 - Page 66

PRODUCT NEWS Yamaha YX-230 Xylophone Yamaha has introduced the YX-230 xylophone, a step-up mallet percussion instrument that is ideal for beginning percussionists. Measuring 45.5 in. long in a compact, simple design, this three-octave (C-to-C range) tabletop xylophone is intended for students who often use rented “student kits” before progressing to tabletop xylophones. It requires no assembly and offers easy playability and handling. Featuring 1.5 in.-wide bars, the YX-230 also employs octave tuning, resulting in a tone that is suitable for solo playing and private practice at home. Octave tuning reduces superfluous overtones, resulting in a pleasing sound for solo performance. The new xylophone features professionally-tuned padauk wood bars and a built-in handle allows the instrument to be easily carried by one person. The post, which is made of resin, will not bend and dampen bar resonance or cause unwanted noise. For more information, contact Yamaha Canada Music: 416-298-1311, FAX 416-292-1171, DigiTech Sdrum Pedal DigiTech has introduced the Sdrum intelligent drum machine for guitarists and bassists. By scratching across the guitar strings, users teach the Sdrum a kick and snare pattern that forms the foundation of the beat they want to hear. Based on this pattern, the Sdrum supplies a professional-sounding drum beat with different embellishments and variations to complement the beat. The Sdrum stores up to 36 different songs. Beats are played from a choice of five different kits covering a range of genres. The pedal also supports three different parts (e.g. verse/chorus/bridge) for each song that can be switched on the fly for enhancing live performances and exploring song ideas. For more information, contact Erikson Music: 514-457-2555, FAX 514-457-0055,, Gon Bops DDLR Tambourine & Shakers Gon Bops has released the DDLR tambourine and shakers.  Designed by Zac Brown Band percussionist Daniel de los Reyes, the DDLR shakers and tambourine are designed to create a warm, fresh sound with plenty of projection. The instruments are designed for any live setting where the music demands the instruments to cut through. The DDLR Tambourine has a full, thick sound and strong durability. Its weight distribution makes it comfortable to play for long passages. Offered in both single Stage Shaker and double Arena Shaker models Z\\H[\YۙY]Y[]H]X][ۜˈ]H[X\K\\Y[Y\[]^Y\Yۘ]\HۂZۋ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝XۈΈ MKM L ۘۘ˘K˙ۘ˘KSQPSUTPQ