Canadian Music Trade - October/ November 2017 - Page 65

5 4 4 Keeley Germanium Super Phat Mod Pedal Keeley Electronics has released the Germanium Super Phat Mod pedal. For the mod, Keeley has added a small gain germanium amplifier right after the tone stack to simulate a tube power amp section. The result is a more aggressively voiced overdrive with a spongy compression and fuzz that only germanium transistors give. The 16 th anniversary edition of this pedal is hand-built and includes a few visual changes over the regular one. The new badge has sixteen gold bars in the centre circle and a germanium transistor badge. Keeley has also switched to the Tungsram AC125 germanium transistor. For more information, contact Keeley Electronics: 405-341-2025,, 6 5 Promark FireGrain Drumsticks Promark by D’Addario has released the FireGrain line of drumsticks. A new heat-tempering process is used on the Fire- Grains to harden the hickory drumsticks and make them more durable. The sticks still keep their original weight, balance, and feel, allowing users to hit harder without excess vibration so they can play longer. FireGrain drumsticks are available in the following models: FireGrain Classic 7A TX7AW-FG; FireGrain Classic 5A TX5AW-FG; FireGrain Classic 5B TX5BW-FG; FireGrain Classic 2B TX2BW-FG; FireGrain Rebound 5A R5AFG; Fire- Grain Forward 5A F5AFG; FireGrain Rebound 5B R5BFG; and FireGrain Forward 5B F5BFG. For more information, contact D’Addario Canada: 905-947-9595, FAX 905-947-4336,, 6 Peavey XR-AT Powered Mixer Peavey has released the XR-AT powered mixer, which incorporates a nine-channel mixer and 1,000 W of power (1,500 W peak) into a portable design. As well, as a first for the company, it includes built-in Antares Auto-Tune pitch correction technology. Ideal for use in small- to medium-sized venues, the XR-AT comes equipped with onboard digital effects and modern features, such as MidMorph and FLS, Peavey’s ex- clusive Feedback Locating System. Additionally, the mixer includes KOSMOS bass enhancement that adds low-end response and increases high-end clarity. The XR-AT also features Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Other features include an assignable Main/Main or Main/Monitor power amplifier with four twist-lock combination outputs. Plus, the onboard LCD displays MP3 file names, play information, set-up information for the Auto-Tune feature, and selected effects. For more information, contact B&J Music: 800-268-8147, FAX 800-777-3265,, CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE 65