Canadian Music Trade - October/ November 2017 - Page 44

Schmidt Piano & Organ Service 2018 DIRECTORY OF SUPPLIERS Patricia Carr, 416-457-0758; Rahim Nathu, 514-237-6765 Lines Carried: Absen (LED panels) AKG (microphones, headphones) Aurora (AV over IP) Barco (projectors & IP) BSS (signal processors) Crown (amplifiers) DBX (signal processing) JBL Pro (loudspeakers) Lexicon (audio effects) ScreenLine (projection screens) Soundcraft (mixing consoles, stageboxes, option cards, plugins, mobile apps, recording interfaces) Studer (studio consoles) Scott’s Highland Services Ltd. 143 Stronach Cres. London, ON N5V 3G5 519-453-0892, FAX 519-453-6303, Company Type: Manufacturer, Distributor Year Established: 1980 Officers: Jim Scott, Owner; Bev Scott, Owner Sales Reps: Jim Scott; Bev Scott Lines Carried: Piper’s Choice (bagpipes, bagpipe accessories, cases, kitchen pipes, border pipes, bagpipe tuition kits) Andante Drums & Heads (drums, accessories) College of Piping (drum method) Drummers’ Choice Sticks (percussion accessories) Remo (pipe band products) Sousato (whistles) Walton (whistles, bodhrans) Schatten Design Acoustic Pickups 627 Colby Dr. Waterloo, ON N2V 1B4 519-742-3862, FAX 519-742-1843, Company Type: Manufacturer, Distributor Year Established: 1993 Officers: Leslie Schatten, Owner Sales Reps: Tracy Schabl Lines Carried: Schatten Design (acoustic pick- ups, luthier products) 44 • CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE 64 Daytona St. Kitchener, ON N2M 5M3 519-570-3280, FAX 519-579-7615, Company Type: Manufacturer, Distributor Year Established: 1973 Officers: Gary R Schmidt, Pres./CEO Lines Carried: Allen Audio (audio products) Schmidt Classique (organ systems) Viscount (church organs) Search & Distro Music Equipment 260 St. Paul Ave., P.O. Box 26053 Brantford, ON N3R 7X4 519-512-0216, Company Type: Distributor Year Established: 2007 Officers: Scott Hager, Pres. Sales Reps: Scott Hager Lines Carried: A/DA Pedals, Airline Guitars, Alexander Pedals, ArtEffect Pedals, Backlund Guitars, Beetronics, Big Tone Music Brewery, Black Cat Pedals, B.Y.O.C. Effects, Burkey Guitar Electronics, Catalinbread, Caroline Guitar Company, Cusack Music, Disaster Area Designs, Eastwood Guitars, Emerson Custom, Frantone, Fuzzrocious Pedals, Greenhouse Effects, Greer Amps, Heavy Electronics, Hungry Robot, IdiotBox Effects, Keeler De- signs, KLON LLC, Lotus Pedal designs, Liquid Gain, McCaffrey Audio, MARK L Custom Guitar Electronics, Mojo Hand, Montreux Pedals, Northeast Cable Company, Option 5, PIOD Effects, Rainger FX, Red Panda, Rivolta Guitars, Ruppert Musical Instruments (Basswitch), smallsound/bigsound, Sunshine Audio, Subdecay, Tortuga Effects, Wren & Cuff, WMD Pedals, WMD/SSF (effects pedals) Mastery Bridges (guitar parts & bridges) Stringjoy (strings) Sennheiser Canada 221 Labrosse Ave. Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1A3 514-426-3013, FAX 514-426-3953, Company Type: Manufacturer, Distributor Officers: Christopher Currier, Mgr. Trade Mar- keting Americas; Nick Mandilaras, Sales Mgr., MI Canada; Frederick Girard, Sales Dir., System Integration Canada Lines Carried: Neumann (microphones, monitors) Sennheiser (microphones, headphones, headsets) Yellowtec (audio & video mounting accessories) SFM 325 Bouchard Blvd. Dorval, QC H9S 1A9 800-363-8855, 514-780-2070, FAX 514-780-2111, Company Type: Manufacturer, Distributor Year Established: 1978 Officers: Sol Fleising, CEO; Randal Tucker, Pres.; John Warwick, VP Sales; Mike Gregory, Dir. Pro Sales Sales Reps: Adam Plante, 519-636-6971; Andre Lamouche, 514-942-1863; Benoit St-Jacques 514-794-1663; Claude Ricard, 514-705-6020; Gord Greenwood, 403-852-1985; Jodi Rhuland, 902-229-4404; Kyle Brown, 613-813-5953; Nathan Wilson 514-234-0053; Nicolas Comtois 514-743-0156; Ramon Donati, 604-985-3714; Randy Segeren, 416-578-0834; Rob Deslauriers, 416-832-8025; Sam Scanlan, 604-862-2584; Steve Klotz, 204-999-6311 Lines Carried: Accu Cable (DMX & power cables) ADJ (disco lights, club lighting, DJ lights, special effects, professional lighting, DJ gear) AER (amplifiers, speakers, PA & monitor systems) Alvarez (acoustic & electric guitars) American Audio (mixers, speakers, amplifiers, microphones, MIDI controllers, music & audio processors) Antari (foggers, hazers, snow & special effect machines, effect fluids) Artel Video Systems (fibre optic transmission systems, scan converters, video scalers) ѱX%Pͥɥѥѥ٥)ȁ٥ͽѥ̤)ѕɼQݽɭՑɽ)ѕə̤)ՑAɕ ɕ́ɕՑ)ɥѥѽ̤) ɔɽЁ̰ѽ̰٥)э̤) ͥх̰ѡ̰ͥх)剽ɑ̰(ɽ̤) XɅ̀ͽɥ̤) ɥѥхɽѽ̀٥Յͽѥ̤) Y܀ QX٥ɕɑٕ̀)Ʌ̤) ɬѥեх̤)1єɽѥ͍ɕ̤)̰ѕɍЁɽՍ̤)Օ͕ɜɥեх͕̤̀)\Ցȁѕ̤)ѥAɽͥѥ٥Յͽѥ̰)٥ɽՍ̤)ձմѥՑȁѕ̤)ɵ ѥ̰ݕ)ɥѥͽѥ̤)Ցѽ̤)Q̀ɽͥ(ͥ)!͍յЁ͕̤)% Iѥ QX٥ɕɑ̀)ٕɅ̤))ЁAݕȀ,!=ٕȵ%@ɽՍ̤),4L-5Ȁɽ̰̰)ѥɽՍ̰յЀͥ)х̤)-ɑ耡!5$̰Q=M̰!5$)ѕ̤)1ɕѽɥɅ̰̰ѥ)ͽ̤)1ѱєхͬѥͽѥ̤)1հ%@ݽɭͽѥ̤)5͕̰̀ͽɥ̤)55ͥѡ̤ͥ̀)5ͥ9յЁɔɽՍ̤