Canadian Music Trade - October/ November 2017 - Page 42

2018 DIRECTORY OF SUPPLIERS Sales Reps: Giuseppe Prestini; Joel del Rio; Smiley Rodriguez Lines Carried: Prestini (brass & woodwind instruments, pads) Primacoustic (A Div. of Radial Engineering Ltd.) 1588 Kebet Way Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5M5 604-942-1001, FAX 604-942-1010, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 2000 Officers: Peter Janis, CEO.; Mike Hill, GM; Roc Bubel, Sales Mgr.; Steve McKay, Export Sales Mgr. Sales Reps: James Wright, W. U.S. & Canada, ext. 238,; Juan Carlos Bolomey, Cen. U.S. & Canada, ext. 287,; Steve Dickson, E. U.S. & Canada, ext. 229, steved@primacoustic. com; Joseph Strovas, International, josephs@ Lines Carried: Primacoustic (acoustic panels, bass traps, ceiling clouds & baffles, acoustic ceiling tiles, diffusers, acoustic panel room kits, gobos) Pritchard Amps 340 Pritchard Lane Berkeley Springs, WV 25411 304-258-9113 e X]\[\˘K˜]\[\˘B\[H\NX[YX\\YX\\X\Y NNLBٙX\Έ[H]\ ۙ\\X]\ [\[\\Έ\X]\[\\YY]\[\ Z]\[\YY\BYX[[[Y\[ MNX]^Bܝ]Z][K SMB NM LL KV NM LL L[YX[[˘K˜YX[[˘B\[H\NX[YX\\YX\\X\Y NNLBٙX\Έ]\[\SZZH[ NX[ [\Y܋]HX^K^ܝ[\Y܋ 8(SQPSUTPQB[\\ΈX\[[Y\\ ^ LKBY8']x'HZY\ [[ ^ NN[[X\ ^ M[\\YYYX[ \X\]Y[š[\X\ L \Y\\X [[\]\]\BۙXۙH Y[X[\]\BX[\ X[\\BYX[\H ۘZH\[\\B[[B[XX\X X\X[[X\X[[]\\X\XY Y\BY\ XYۙH[\ۛY\\[\YY\B[[[ٛܛY\[ˈ \]ܜH\S[[\[\X\[ٛܛY\ZXš[]ZX]\[H[] ]] [ݚ[[ B[X [\YY\X[\BZ[ۙܘ\]HZ]\” ˈ [[KHN ̂ KM KMMLB\Y\\XPZ[ۙ˘K˜Z[ۙ˘B\[H\NX[YX\\YX\\X\Y NNMB[\\YYZ[ۙ X\XZ]\B\ٙ\[ۘ[[]Y[BM[X\ܝ[ܚӈNS MMMN V MMMN MB[[˛] ˜\ܚ^ۋB\[H\NX[YX\\YX\\X\Y NNM“ٙX\Έ]HX[B[\\Έ[H[\ۋ[\Y܋[\\YY[\[ ]]Z]ܘYۛXܜB[ \ܚ^ۈ X\ۘZ\[\XH]X\BU \ܝ[ۈY[BY X\BYSPTT X\ۘZ\]\XX\ܚY\B^X\ۚX” ˈ Œ H\ Z]\ L N ML B^Xܙ\[\˛] ˜^X˘B\[H\NX[YX\\YX\\X\Y ٙX\ΈX\XX][ \ۈY\[[\“[\\YY^X \ۚXX\X]ZZX[ \Y[Z]\B][\YX][ۂ NB[HH[\PH   LLKN NB[][\YX][ۋK˜][\YX][ۋB\[H\NX[YX\\ٙX\Έ[YX]K\ˈ \Yۙ\X\[ \ZX\[ [\ Z˂[\\YY] Z]\[\YY\ XKB]BX[X\[\][ۘ[ܜ MHXZ[ ˂[H[KHL M MM KMMM V M M KL LB[\X[X\K˜X[X\B\[H\NX[YX\\YX\\X\Y NLBٙX\Έ[ Z\ S[[YH[ \˂[\\YYX[X\ [XXZ]\‰\\B]\H[\YX][ۈ[˂L]\^B\[HLML N M͍M V N LM LMœ[\]\KK˜]\KB\[H\NX[YX\\YX\\X\Y NM͂ٙX\Έ][]\K[\ Z\[\\YY]\H [\B]\ۙZ]\ŒL H]H [[ BL LNKML L[]\ۙZ]\˘K˜]\ۙZ]\˘B\[H\NX[YX\\ٙX\ΈZZHZ[[[ܙKS [\[\\YY]\ۙZ]\ X\X™Z]\B]\ۙ[X [XBY\H^\[˂ LH  P  S  MM ML[\Y\Y^\˘K˜Y\Y^\˘B\[H\NX[YX\\YX\\X\Y “ٙX\ΈYܘ[\ X[ۈY܋[\\YY\H\\ Y\\BST[˂MLH[H\^[\ݚ[K M LLM͋V M LLM̂[ۜ˘K˜ۜ˘B\[H\NX[YX\\YX\\X\Y NN “[\\YYST [Hۙ\Z]\^X\Z\B[[YH [[\][ۈ[H H[]\NL [[ܙH ̌ \^K ͂ L M