Canadian Music Trade - October/ November 2017 - Page 38

2018 DIRECTORY OF SUPPLIERS LS Media P.O. Box 238, Station Youville Montreal, QC H2P 2V4 514-990-7867, FAX 514-673-0055, Company Type: Distributor Officers: Hugo Larin, Ntl. Sales Dir. Lines Carried: Avid (live sound products) Luminex (audio, video & lighting network equipment) Flux (audio & video plug-ins) Lumigraf 5680 Fullum St. Montreal, QC H2G 2H7 866-877-1495, FAX 514-277-6488, Company Type: Manufacturer Sales Reps: Jean-Philippe Grignon, ext. 202 Lines Carried: Lumigraf (drum wrap) LunaStone Værkstedvej 59, K1 2500 Valby, Denmark +45-262-411-36, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 2012 Officers: Steen Grøntved, Founder & Head of Eng.; Allan Strand, CEO; Morten Lave, Head of Development Lines Carried: LunaStone (pedals) M Manhasset Specialty Company P.O. Box 2518 Yakima, WA 98907 509-248-3810, FAX 509-248-3834, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1935 Lines Carried: Manhasset (music stands, accessories) Mantree MusiQ 7306 Rennes Ave. Quebec City, QC G1G 4N8 418-627-0188 38 • CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE, Company Type: Distributor Year Established: 1998 Officers: Richard Domm Sales Reps: Richard Domm Lines Carried: Griffe (acoustic guitars) Mantree MusiQ (acoustic guitar saddles) Marcinkiewicz Co. Inc. 593 SE 1 st Ave. Canby, OR 97013 503-263-2456, FAX 503-263-2484, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1983 Lines Carried: Marcinkiewicz (brass & wind mouthpieces & instruments) Mayfair Music Publications Inc. 26037 Woodbine Ave., RR2 Keswick, ON L4P 3E9 905-476-9444, FAX 905-476-9441, Company Type: Publisher, Distributor Year Established: 1979 Number of Employees: 9 Officers: Steven Loweth, Pres. Sales Reps: Carol Simpanen, Canada & Int’l; Joey Lyons, U.S. Lines Carried: ADG Productions (printed music, recordings) Leila Fletcher (piano method) JAL Press (classical sheets) Mayfair Gifts (music-themed gifts) Mayfair Music Publications (music manuscripts, printed music) Waterloo Publications (printed music, method & music books) McBride Loudspeaker Source Ltd. 638 Colby Dr. Waterloo, ON N2V 1A2 519-884-3500, FAX 519-884-0193, Company Type: Distributor Year Established: 1980 Officers: Terry McBride, Pres. & Owner; Lorne McBride, VP; Ken Hobbs, Ops. Mgr. Lines Carried: B&C Speakers, Radian, X-Tealth (professional loudspeakers) Celestion, Eminence (guitar & professional loudspeakers) CTS (piezo tweeters) Duratex (enclosure finish) Fourjay, MG Electronics, Quam (commercial sound products) Goldwood (loudspeakers, piezo tweeters) HarrisTech (loudspeaker & crossover design software) McBride (loudspeakers, commercial sound products) Misco (specialty loudspeakers) Neutrik (audio & power connectors) Pioneer, Philips, Sammi (loudspeakers) Mellotone (acoustic fabrics) SoundScape (landscape speakers) Switchcraft (audio connectors) Meinl 3427 Ambrose Ave. Nashville, TN 37207 615-227-5090, FAX 615-227-0290, Company Type: Manufacturer Lines Carried: Meinl (cymbals, cymbal bags, percussion products) Mel Bay Publications Inc. 1734 Gilsinn Ln. Fenton, MO 63026 800-863-5229, FAX 636-257-5062 Company Type: Publisher, Distributor Year Established: 1947 Officers: William Bay, Pres. Lines Carried: Mel Bay Publications, Bill’s Music Shelf, Dancing Hands Music, Grossman’s Gui- tar Workshop, Guitar Master Class Publica- tions, Native Ground Music, Inc., Pennywhis- tler’s Press (instructional music products) Mesa/Boogie 1317 Ross St. Petaluma, CA 94954 707-778-6565, FAX 707-765-1503 Company Type: Manufacturer Lines Carried: Mesa/Boogie (guitar & bass amps, cabinets) Middle Atlantic Products (Canada) Inc. 113 Iber Rd. Ottawa, ON K2S 1E7 613-836-2501, FAX 613-836-2680, Company Type: Manufacturer, Distributor Year Established: 1999 Officers: Neil Andison, Pres.; Lynn Stanley, Mktg. Mgr. Sales Reps: Troy Wallace, L N LL\K LM LLMN M[[YK M B ۈ][\ MM MKMLL\Z[X[LN MLL[X[K LM L N\“][YK N L L“[\\YYZYH][X Y[\KB\K\X[\\X\ܚY\B̑ UۛX]]HXB] YH ][K\H]Y[\[\BۋTH YH]ܚ[[\K[Y\K]Y[ Y[۝\[\BܝۚX ]ܚ[\X\H][ۜB\[[ U\]Z\Y[[[[ ۛXB]]H][ۜBRQZ]Œ  X\[Kӈ Ԉ LL KM KLLB[ZYZ] K˛ZYZ]