Canadian Music Trade - October/ November 2017 - Page 34

2018 DIRECTORY OF SUPPLIERS Great River Electronics 164 Hardman Ave. S. South St. Paul, MN 55075 651-455-1846, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1994 Officers: Dan Kennedy, CEO; Dennis Pfab, CFO Lines Carried: Great River Electronics (preamps, equalizers, mixers) GRK Manufacturing 1200 Dayton St. Hamilton, OH 45011 800-289-2362, FAX 800-556-6128, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1915 Officers: Gary Kilday, Pres. Lines Carried: Concerto (artist benches) Mafco (piano benches) Mobileer (piano movers) Wren (music chests) Groove Masters Percussion Ltd. 12180 Horseshoe Way, #8 Richmond, BC V7A 4V5 604-241-0774, FAX 604-271-2341, Company Type: Distributor Year Established: 1997 Officers: Milton Randall, Pres.; Mayumi Randall, VP Lines Carried: GMP (djembes, hand drums, drum sets, world percussion) Groove Masters Percussion (ethnic drums, small percussion) Izzo (Brazilian percussion instruments) Panyard Jumble Jam (steel drums) H Hafler (A Div. of Radial Engineering Ltd.) 1588 Kebet Way Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5M5 604-942-1001, FAX 604-942-1010, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1977 34 • CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE Officers: Peter Janis, CEO; Mike Hill, GM Sales Reps: Roc Bubel, Sales Mgr., ext. 252; Joseph Strovas, Export Sales Mgr., 720-227-8976 Lines Carried: Hafler (headphone amps, phono amps, power amplifiers) Hal Leonard 7777 W. Bluemound Rd. Milwaukee, WI 53213 414-774-3630, FAX 414-774-3259, Company Type: Publisher, Distributor Year Established: 1947 Officers: Keith Mardak, CEO; Larry Morton, Pres.; Doug Lady, Sr. VP Sales; David Jahnke, VP Ntl. Sales; Brad Smith, VP MI Products Sales Reps: Maribeth Barrons, ext. 6303; S \^B]K^ MN[]YZK^ B[\\YYX\XH UBZ\\ \[\YH\\܈X]B[\\ YZ[B\YH [\X\܈S XXB\\ۈ Y][[[Y[B]Y U[\X\][ۈٝ\JB^HX][ Z[HZ]\\X\BXؙX] ]\X\ܞK[ܘ\Y\B\YH\]\XX[[]]H [X[ۈ ]\X[\HXX][ۜB[\X[HX\[ ۙ؛[X[ۊBܙYH Z]\ܙX\[]XJBۜ\]ܞH[YHXX][ۜŠX[[X[ۊB\[X[[[Y[ [ ܘ\H ^Y]BX\X[Y[\\[\X[ X[š[X[ۊBTY[ Z[HZ]\YXY[BY\XX\X X\XX]Y[[[BܚY[ X\ܚY\܈[ؚ[H]X\BܛݙL ۛ[HX[X[ۊBܝ[ܙ ]Y[X\\\ \B[[ۘ\ ۙ؛[X[ۊB[Z[ۈ[ [܈[[Y[ Y]]\XBY\[ [X[ۈ XXBYۈ]\X [H[X[ۈBXۚXۘ\ \\ [X[YYBPۛX]]H \]\ [ؚ[H[\X\BR][[YYXH ٝ\K\\JBYXHX\[ [X[ۘ[B]XQH [YX\[ۚ]ܜBZ]\ Y[\Z]\BX\\ Y]]\X\BY\Y]]\X XX[BV ZXܛۙ\BQY ۛ[H][ۈ \][ۜB]\X ٝ\JB[\XY UB[\[[\ [ \[[\B[ۈZX \ Zۈ[HZXBۛ\ YZ[ٝ\JB]ۙYH\ XܙY \ܛHܘ[XX][ۜB\QY Y][[\BQ Y]ܝXHXZ\B[YHZ]\XHZY\ [[Y[ZY\B[\]Y[ Z]\Y[B[ۈ\\ \\[[Y[B ܝX[YX\ܚY\B]^ [\X\۝\B[\ ]\]YH[Z]\[\B[ܞ\[]\[˂M̌\[ ”\\HN MB͌ LMMV ͌ LMMœ[\[]\˘K˚[]\˘B\[H\NX[YX\\\X]܂YX\\X\Y NMٙX\Έ[Y\[ \ˎ[H[ [\Y܋[\\YY\H[\\ [\\^X\ܚY\B[ܞ\[]\ X \]\ XB[Y\ Xܘ]Y X\Z]\Y\BXY[\ ]\XH ̍\[ۋӈ  VML KM̋M LXXZ[ K˚XY[\[\X˛]\[H\NX[YX\\ٙX\Έ]H[K\˂[\\YYXY[\ [\X[\Xܚ\B\\]\X[X[˂ ˈLB[[KPH M KL KL ͋V KL KL [X؞]\[ K˜X؞]\[ B\[H\NX[YX\\\X]܂YX\\X\Y NL“ٙX\ΈX\\\ ZXY[\\ۙ\“[\\YY[] [\YY\X\BX\ [X[X[\BR Z]\B[[\LH Z]\[BY[] Z]\X\ܚY\B\\Y[X\ Y[X\B\Y[] YYXܙ\BXHH[ [X\ۙ\ Z]\XBXHH[ [\X\\X[]BTY\ \[ۚX\[\Z]\\BX\X]\X]ܜ MH N L \^K ӌ N LLV N LL̂[X\X]\X]ܜ˘K˚X\X]\X]ܜ˘B\[H\N\X]܂YX\\X\Y “ٙX\Έ[[\\˂[\\ΈYܙ[[\\YY[XY [X[Y]\ YBܛݙHZXH [[Y[X[[XBX\X]\\[ۈ [\[X[XYB\] \\[ۈ[\[[YBYH[H X\[\YHX\ܚY\B\\^ ZXܛۙ\XYۙ\]Y[