Canadian Music Trade - October/ November 2017 - Page 22

2018 DIRECTORY OF SUPPLIERS 2018 DIRECTORY OF SUPPLIERS A Ace Products Group 3920 Cypress Dr. B Petaluma, CA 94954 707-765-1500, Company Type: Distributor Year Established: 1983 Sales Reps: Jesse Grossmann Lines Carried: Fender Accessories (guitar & bass accessories) Kaces, Reunion Blues (gig bags, instrument cases) Pig Hog Cables (instrument, speaker & mic cables) Pluginz Jack Rack (key chain hangers) RocknRoller Multi-Cart (transforming utility carts) Strukture (cables, stands, parts) Active Musical Products 1988 Ltd. P.O. Box 1135 Waterdown, ON L0R 2H0 905-689-9532, FAX 905-689-9321 Company Type: Distributor Year Established: 1981 Officers: Mel Koffman Sales Reps: Mel Koffman Lines Carried: Aroma (guitar tuners) Dillion (electric guitars) Eleuke, Molaki (ukuleles) Gladiator (gig bags) Landscape (jazz guitars, upright electric basses) McCartney (acoustic guitars) Roxbury (electric guitars, guitar straps) 22 • CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE Aerospace Lubricants Inc. 1600 Georgesville Rd. Columbus, OH 43228 614-878-3600, FAX 614-878-1600, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1973 Sales Reps: Scott Stukenberg Lines Carried: Alisyn (instrument lubricants) Aguilar Amplification 599 Broadway, 7 th Floor New York, NY 10012 212-431-9109, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1995 Lines Carried: Aguilar (bass amps, effects pedals, cabinets, pickups, preamps) Alfred Music 16320 Roscoe Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91406 800-292-6122, FAX 818-895-5322, Company Type: Publisher, Distributor Year Established: 1922 Officers: Keith Watson, GM; Ron Manus, CBDO Sales Reps: Christie Smith, 818-891-5999 ext. 721 Lines Carried: Alfred (print music, educational media) Belwin, Faber Music, Highland-Etling, Jubilate Music Group, Suzuki (print music) Jamey Aebersold Jazz (jazz play-alongs) Advance Music (jazz performance music) MakeMusic (notation & practice software, sound libraries) Gorilla Tips, SnakePicks (guitar accessories) PocketStrings (guitar practice tools) Indent Publishing (musical humour books) Daniel Ho Creations (ukulele music) NAXOS (music CDs) Penguin (print music, books) Allen Guitars & Luthier Supplies P.O. Box 1883 Colfax, CA 95713 530-346-6590, Company Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1980 Number of Employees: 4 Lines Carried: Allen Cast Tailpieces (tailpieces) Allen Custom Guitars (aco \X \ۚX™Z]\B[X]P\H \Hݙ\B[\\[B H؛[ [\YP Ԉ ̂ NKMLKV NKMLœ[\\\\[KK˘\\\[KB\[H\N\X]܋\[\]Z[\YX\\X\Y ٙX\Έ[[۝ܙ ۙ\[\\YY]Y[  [\XZ\^Y\\Y \[\ZXBUXYK\ً\\\[KK]ZX]]ۙ]“[۝KY[Y\Z[XK\[H][ۜ\] \[H]\XBH \Y \[\ZX[\^Y\XZ\