Canadian Music Trade - October/ November 2017 - Page 18

SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT “Gets You Playing.” That’s the longtime tagline for Stagg Music, the flagship distributed brand from EMD Music, and it may very well be cause for some celebration in Canada. Across the board, the MI industry – from manufacturers and suppliers to retailers and educators – has presented a unified voice in recent years on the importance of getting more people engaged in music and, ultimately, creating more music makers. Considering Stagg Music targets the education and entry-level markets across its many different product categories – from electric and acoustic guitars and amplifiers to brass, woodwind, and orchestral instruments to drums and percussion and even PA and lighting equipment – it may be a good sign that the company’s Canadian business grew by over 50 per cent last year. “We differentiate from our competition in that we offer a one-stop shop under a single brand name,” explains Tony Graham, EMD Music’s North American sales manager. “No other company offers the range of product we do across all categories under a single brand, and it gives dealers a real sense of house brand presence within their store.” He also tacks on other Stagg benefits like higher-than-average margins and fast shipping thanks to a “direct container program” from the company’s Chinese warehouse. EMD MUSIC’S NORTH AMERICAN HQ IN LA VERGNE, TN 18 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE EMD Music By Andrew King But while EMD Music began with and was built on the Stagg line, in subsequent years, the company has added several “step-up” product lines to its catalog, includi Z]\[[^[][H\˜[[[[Y[˂Y][ۘ[KY\\Y][YHHٙ\[ۘ[][[YH]YܚY\ZB][ Z[[Y\Y[X[˂H[^\ܘZ[K\˜۝[YH]\[\˜ݙ\[X]YܚY\˜]]\H][ H[[Y\[\˜[][ۙ\\X[\X[H]\H\HوRH]Z[\\Xܙ[ܘZ[KSQ]\X[XYH[H[]][\\و]X[\\\˂'و\H[\[[]\Xœܙ\]HHYH[X[ۂوXHK]H[[HوXX[BSQUTP&TӖHԐRSHӈHUTSHTSHU]Z[ܙ\8$X[[B[XۚX]Z[\)'HB[\ݙH]Z[[H[[]YX\ܞBY[ˈ8'Y[x&\HHY Y[X\XZ]\[H[ N [\[ۈX^x&[ H]H]X[]H\\\[ۋ۝[YH\][^H\[X[[܈Y \H\[^\H][\]YH\˜\X8$Z[H[\][Z]\Z[][] [܈XX[Hۛ[Hܙ\[H][ۋH]HؘXHH[\\YY[B']8&\^][[Y\ZXY܈SQ 8'BX[\X]H[H[\KHX[H‘ܘZ[H[\\ˈ8'x&\HY[]\[B]\[ 'B\[HHZ^\]^\]HܝH\[H[Z\ܙX]YB[Y\X[\X]܈8$Y[][HۙH][ٙ\[]]Z[\H\\\˜\]\[XYHZ[]\HHܛK'H\B^HYY[HX[\HH]\[Y][ۜ[Hܚ[\]H\Y\[\\ HSQYH\HY [\Y܈B]\X&\ؘ[XY]X\\[\[[YHZ[^Z[ۛH]^x&\H\][[][KH\[HܙX]\HX[[][\[Y[Z\\[و][[YYXH۝[ ]H[ܚ]Bٙ\[[X^[Z^HZ\ܛ[X[ ۈܝXY[܈X[YYXB\܈H^\[][\x&\[B\[[X[\X]\˂HYXYH]]H N\]H]ؘ[XX SQ]\X\“SSH[HZ]\\]][XYHH[Z[܈]\][ۜB]TY\Z]\[H]X\Xš[]YX[X\]]\\[Y[[YKZ]\\Y\\YۙY[Xܘ][ۈ]']8&\Y[[\ܝ[[HH\Y][[&\]\ۙZ]\ˈH\Y\›\[YX[\][ۈ[[ۜX[[\BX]\\]\ۙ&\][Y8'Xۛx'B܈HX[\\K8'HܘZ[Hٙ\ˈ8'H]\[Kٙ\[[\HY\Y[وBX[H[\[[[[ۋ\H[\ٙXH[۝\[\[\[]8&\X\] ]YSQ]\XQ [[H[[\ܝ[^\š\[YY][[H^Z[ˈ[[\[K'HHYܝ\Y]B]Z\^[[ۈ[Y\Y[ٙ\[œX\وH\[x&\\[YX[Y[\\H]ܘZ[HܙY]܈SQ]\X&\YY[Z\\\[KH[ۋ]XKY\X]Y[^HHœX[X\]ܛ Y\[H^Z[˂ۈHX[\[YHYY]]H[\X[KܘZ[HXY][][\HY]܋Z[PYYقHZ[[H[\[[ۙX[YX[]\XYK\\H[ܛYYH\[x&\[