Canadian Music Trade - October/ November 2017 - Page 14

ORANGE’S TIM IRELAND NAMM Musikmesse Russia Welcomes 12,000 Visitors Orange Amps Appoints New Managing Director Orange Music Electronic Company (OMEC) has appointed Tim Ireland as its new managing director. This role includes global responsibilities for OMEC’s companies and brands. Ireland has over 15 years of experience in audio in a variety of senior positions. “Orange has had a long and successful relationship with Efkay [Music Instruments] and looks forward to growing this in the years to come,” Ireland tells CMT about Orange’s longtime Canadian distributor. “Howard Kalisky has a great understanding of our brand values and a real knowledge of the Canadian market.” For more information, contact OMEC: 404-303-8196,, NAMM Musikmesse Russia concluded in late September, welcoming over 12,000 music industry professionals and music lovers to the show’s thematic pavilions. Now in its sixth year, the show attracted Russian and international manufacturers and distributors of musical equipment and accessories, a wide range of thematic programming and events, as well as over 12,000 visitors to Moscow’s Sokolniki Center. For the first time, the trade fair presented five pavilions dedicated to different product groups: guitars and accessories; drums and percussion; DJ and electronic music; keyboards; and acoustic musical instruments and accessories. Over 140 brands were represented and the educational program featured more than 250 master classes and educational sessions. There were also festivals, open lessons, competition finals, performances, and autograph sessions. NAMM Musikmesse Russia will return to the Sokolniki Center from Sept. 13-16, 2018. For more information, go to 2017 BRAND SELECTION Survey Canadian Music Trade surveyed MI retail professionals across the country on how they select the brands & products in their stores. Here are the results… Roughly how many different brands are carried in your store? Fewer than 20 21- 40 41- 60 61- 80 81-100 101- 200 More than 200 14 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE 36% 17% 14% 6% 3% 17% 8% In H\ LYX\ M H]BYۚYX[H[ܙX\YZ\\و[˜\YY [H H]BYH[ܙX\YZ\ٙ\[’[H[YH\[  H]BXܙX\YZ\[X[ۈق[\Y\[X[\H\H[[[ۈX\ۈ˜\HH][ LIJH BYH[\]][ۂ JB܈[\\H[[[ۈX\ۈH[ MJHYB܈[][ۜ\]B\Y\ JBNIH^HZ\[][ۜ\][\\\\B[\ܝ[[ H^BY]][\ܝ[[Z[ۈ[Y\[B[PRSU]\]X]HXYX[H]ٝ[]X[H[[][܂H\[YO¸'\X[HHX\]]H\HX]\˜HوH[H\H[\X[BY\Y[H\Y\[›X^HXZHZ\^H\[\˸'B'X[][ۈو[\]Y[\]X[]K[ٚ]X\['B'\Y\[X[\\ۙK]^\]]H[ٚ]X[]H\H\KB[ ]8&\[^\H۝\]HXYܙHHZ[]Z\[ۈ] 'B'HX][\H[[\ܝ[[YYH\H][YX[B]H\Y\\[YY[\HقH^KZ[\[[\[[ܙH܈YB\H\Y\H\[\HY&]\™܈[ܙ\]HX\HXx&YZH]KH\X[HX[H[B[[H][ K'B'[]\\YYH8&HYܙ\˸&B[[Z[\H[\\H\Y\[YH8&\\X[8&HH\[\\˸&