Canadian Music Trade - October/ November 2017 - Page 12

NEWS Details Revealed for AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium The inaugural AES@NAMM Pro Sound Symposium: Live & Studio will offer an education and training program from the Audio Engineering Society (AES) targeted at working professionals in the live sound, recording, and performance-audio communities. The four-day symposium, which will be held concurrently with The 2018 NAMM Show from Jan. 25-28 in Anaheim, CA, comprises a series of training academies and related sessions on line array technologies, live sound mixing consoles, wireless systems, and studio environments, in addition to tutorials on system measurement and optimization, plus a selection of technical papers in related fields. These classes will be held within the Anaheim Hilton Hotel’s NAMM Education Campus, adjacent to a new pro audio exhibit space (see NAMM News on pg. 19 for more information on the campus). For more information, go to Celestion has an- nounced the appoint- ment of Darrell Vasquez as business develop- ment executive. In his new role, Vasquez CELESTION’S VASQUEZ DARRELL will work together with Celestion’s sales and distribution partners to expand their offerings to new markets, as well as servicing their current clientele. “We are thrilled to have Darrell join Celestion. His reput- ation and experience in the pro audio and MI industries make him a great addition to our team and a perfect partner for our distributors and clients,” says Andy Farrow, director of sales at Celestion. Celestion is distributed in Canada by McBride Loud- speaker Source. Vasquez can be reached at For more information, contact Celestion:, Coalition for Music Education Appoints Interim Executive Director Axe Music’s Calgary Location to Close in May Via a Facebook post on Aug. 17, 2017, Axe Music’s Calgary location announced it will cease operations when its current lease runs out on May 31, 2018. The company says the current de- pressed economic situation in Calgary, which is caused mostly by a prolonged downturn in the oil industry, as well as manager Brian Cymbaluk’s recent cancer diagnosis are the reasons for the decision to close. Axe Music’s Edmonton location and e-commerce business at will remain open. “With the current tough economic climate in Calgary, Axe Music Calgary is no longer prof- itable, and unfortunately, we see nothing on the Calgary horizon that will fix that. With heavy hearts, the decision has been made for Axe Music Inc. to cease operations of the Calgary location,” the Facebook post says. “General Manager and Partner Brian Cymbaluk’s recently di- agnosed battle with cancer, now public, is a huge complication to our company, and another reason we have decided this is the only course of action we can take.” Canadian Music Trade reached out to Axe Music President Brian Holowaychuk about the decision. “We feel that Calgary is going to continue to get worse for years to come. I hope we are wrong but we see nothing good in the future for Calgary,” he explained in an email. “It was a super hard decision to make as we have great staff and many great customers. We even con- sidered downsizing, but the reality is we are not good at being small and with Brian’s cancer added to the issues, we had to call it a day. Axe as a whole is very healthy.” For more information, contact Axe Music: 403-243-5200,, 12 Celestion Appoints Business Development Executive for North America CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE The board of directors of the Coalition for Music Education has appointed Angela Elster as its interim e ᕍѥٔɕѽȸ)ѕȁ݅́Ёɕѱѡ͕ȁY@QI兰 )͕مѽ䁅)́ѡ )9ݽɬȁ)1ɹ)͕ٕͥ́Ʌ)ѥɑ̸ѕ)݅́݅ɑѡ)5ɥѽɥ́M٥)5ɽɵ)ٕɹȁɅ)٥)ѽ)ɕ饹д)х)́͡ѡЁ͕)ᅵ)ɥЁѼ)911MQH)ȁչ)QѡȁݥѠ)ѡᕍѥٔѕȁݥѡ ѥéɄ)ѥ̰ɽ٥ЁȁхݽɬݥѠѡɐѼ)ٕɅѕ́ѼЁYͥԁѡ ѥe)ɅѕQ ѥ́ѼхЁѥ)ѥ́ȁɵЁᕍѥٔɕѽȁ䁕ɱ)9ٕȰݥѠѵЁѥٔ)İ)Q ѥȁ5ͥՍѥɅ͕́݅ɕ)չхѡɽѡЁͥՍѥ) ձɔɽѕ́ѡ́ѡЁͥ)Սѥɥ́Ѽչ)ȁɔɵѥѼܹ̹ͥ