Canadian Music Trade - June/July 2017 - Page 46

ENDORSER UPDATE Blue Rodeo guitarist Colin Cripps says that since he first saw an ad for the Roland GP-8 guitar effects processors and decided to demo it, it’s been a staple of his set-up. “It was an instant revelation for me,” Cripps recalls. “That piece of gear is part of the lifeblood of my sound… I think it’s an incredibly well-designed and incredibly musical piece of equip- ment. I love the delay in it and I love how it sounds. I sort of feel like you’ve got it all in one and it couldn’t H]\'B[Y\Yۈ\Y[[YۙHوH[XܙY[[Y\]\[\\ ̈ۈ[ۙx&\\وBܙX]\[[Y\و[[YKH\XܙY[ ܈\BܛYY]X\[^YKHXۈ]K[X[H[[ܙHX[H]HZ\و\[[X\ZH[X˂YۈX[HX]Z\YH[\H]][]Y[\Y\X[HوZXܛۙ\ˈ8'H[H\H^]YX]H\Y\XZXܛۙ\8'HH^\ˈ8'^H\H]^[]K]^H\HܙX] HX]H]HXܙY[YH]˜X]]Y[]H\[]YH^H\HܙX]ZXܛۙ\˸'B SQPSUTPQBY[\H]^Y\ۛH[]\YۙYۈ™[ܜH\X[Y[H[HYX\ˈ[]\šۛۈ\H8'[وYX'H܈\^\[ۘ[YHZ]\^Z[[]X\\YXˈYܙH[Y\[˜\H\\ H\ۜY\YHZ]\\X\\X\ۈ\ۙHوH[Y[Y[[\X\XX] BY^Y\[Hܛ '[HY[[ۈHY x&[HX[H[\\Y]HY[HXK8'H^\[] 8'\H\X[[\[H]H\\YH\[Hو^H8& H]X\›Z[\H[H8$][X^[X\XH[]Z[ 'B\ۈ ]\ۊH\[X\\Y\^Y\[\ \\[]\X[\X܈][[\\]H\قܙY]\K[Y[ܚ][ۘH]\X\XZ\^K[YHYK\[X[Y][ۈ\Y[\[]YY[Q ]Y[š[\XH[[ۚ]ܚ[\[K8'\[[\\[KB[]x&]HYYܙK[܈HXK]8&\\HܙX][[[] 8'H^\ۋ8'H\[]HZHX]HQ \BX]H[]HXZ\ۛXY]]ۙH[YK[˜[KЈ\\\ۈ]Y[HXZ\\H\[B[[ۈ]ۋ'