Canadian Music Trade - June/July 2017 - Page 40

PRODUCT NEWS Gretsch G6609TFM Players Edition Broadkaster Center Block Guitar Gretsch has released the G6609TFM Players Edition Broadkaster Center Block double-cut guitar with Bigsby String-Thru hardware. The guitar features a tiger flame maple body and matching headstock. Its lightweight chambered body accommodates a spruce centre block, deliver- ing resonance and a more organic tone. For added projection, the guitar is equipped with a duo of new Full’Tron pickups that offer a full-spectrum sonic range, as well as classic Gretsch tonal characteristics. The G6609TFM also features an anchored Adjusto-Matic bridge, Bigsby String-Thru vibrato tailpiece, aged “thumbnail” inlays, a Graph Tech Tusq nut, and comes with a G6267 deluxe hardshell case. For more information, contact Fender Musical Instruments: 480-596-9690, FAX 480-596-1384, Galaxy Audio Hot Spot PA6BT Personal Monitor/PA Galaxy Audio has released the PA6BT, the newest powered model in the Hot Spot line of personal monitor/PAs. Succeeding and retaining some features of the PA6S, the PA6BT offers Bluetooth technology with a dedicated volume control. It still incorporates efficient speaker components, including the 155-W NEOLITE 6.5-in. woofer and the 1.5-in. 60-W titani- um dome tweeter. Standard features also include a 70-W built-in amplifier, two XLR 1/4-in. inputs with XLR pass through, a built in compressor, line input, line output, and three-band EQ. There is also a built- in microphone stand mount, microphone boom attachment, integral handle, and built-in stand/wall bracket mounting points. For more information, contact Audio Distributors International: 450-449-8177, FAX 450-449-8180,, Alesis Strike & Strike Pro Electronic Drum Kits Alesis has released the Strike and Strike Pro electron- ic drum kits that feature a new drum and cymbal design. The drums have larger dual-hoop pads with adjustable Alesis Mesh heads with a multi-sensor, multi-contact Enhanced Articulation System. Strike’s premium Hybrid Birch wood shell drums come in standard acoustic drum sizes (8, 10, 12, and 14 in.). The new three-zone Strike 16-in. ride cymbal, 14-in. crash, and 12-in. movable hi-hat cymbals are fully covered with a new thick rubber. The cymbals offer a larger bell area for enhanced playability, alo ݥѠɕ)QMɥAəɵ5ձ́ͽչ)ɅݥѠѽ́ɽٕȀİ)յ̸Qձ́ɐͅ)䰁MɐѽɅUM5%$)ѥ٥䰁ݡ͕չѥݥѠͥ)ɽՍѥͽ݅ɔ́ݕ́ѡMɥM݅ɔ)ѽȸ)ȁɔɵѥхЁ5ͥ (ܴĴ`ĴĴ̰ɑɍ)ͥɅ̹ܹͥɅ̹() 9%85UM% QI