Canadian Music Trade - June/July 2017 - Page 35

4 4 Ortega Nylon Ukulele Strings Ortega Guitars has released a series of white nylon ukulele strings, which were developed in cooperation with Aquila. The composition of materials used is designed to deliver the ideal combination of warm yet punchy tone. The Ortega strings are designed for precise intonation, tuning stability, and comfortable playability. The string sets are available for either soprano, concert, tenor, or baritone scale ukuleles and feature an environmentally friendly packaging. Because of the improved Nylgut version, the strings tune faster and sound louder. They are also less stretchy than previous Nylgut versions. For more information, contact Ortega Guitars:, 5 5 Cort Gold Series Acoustic Guitars 6 Cort Guitars has released the Gold Series of acoustic guitars. The Gold Series guitars feature Cort’s Aged to Vintage (ATV) treatment, which allows the solid sitka spruce top to cure and open up more over time. ATV acts as a torrefica- tion process, which is meant to give a new guitar the big, open tone of a decades-old acoustic. Cort has modernized the X-bracing, scalloping it to lighten the weight and to free up added top vibration. The Cort Gold Series has a sonically enhanced UV finish that is thinner and designed to be less constrictive on the instrument. The manufacturer also chose a tight-fitting traditional dovetail neck joint reinforced with a bolt. This DoubleLock neck maximizes the transfer of tone and enhances resonance. The Cort Gold Series includes two models, the Gold-D6 NAT dreadnought and the Gold-O6 NAT orchestra model, with matching features. For more information, contact Coast Music: 514-457- 2555, FAX 514-457-0055,, 6 The Conga and Bongo Drum in Jazz Book Canadian author and musician Trevor Salloum has released his 12 th title with Mel Bay Publications, called The Conga and Bongo Drum in Jazz. In writing The Conga and Bongo Drum in Jazz, Salloum enlisted the help of well-known NYC musician and histori- an &&'6'&F&GV6R&FBvVBFG&W70FRFVf6V7bVGV6FFR6vB&vG'VЦF2FWB2VBF&RFf"&BFV6W'2@G'VW'2rFW&7W76vF7V6V627vrB6VFW26FW'27F'FRЧ67&FGVr6F7GW&RFF7G&W2@&F2FR&26WFRvFF2FW'fWw2W62G&67&F2BfFVƖ27V6fVGW&W06VFR&6fF2&&RFW'fWrvFVvVF'wVF&7BV'W'&V6fFVvF6FF6W&B&&'6'&B6&VV6fRF66rЧ&FRW6Rb6vB&vG'V2f"&Rf&F6F7BV&V&Ɩ6F3Ӄc2S##dc3b#SrSc"wwrV&64DU42E$DP3P