Canadian Music Trade - June/July 2017 - Page 34

PRODUCT NEWS 2 3 1 1 Radial Key-Largo Keyboard Mixer & Digital Interface Radial Engineering is now shipping the Key-Largo, a mixer and digital interface designed specifically for keyboard players. The Key-Largo is designed to connect multiple key- boards to a PA without using several DI boxes. It features 1/4-in. analog inputs for connecting up to three stereo or mono keyboards, as well as a USB interface for use with soft-synths or computer-based audio. All inputs are equipped with an individual level control and separate send controls access a shared effects loop. This stereo loop is activated using a dedicated footswitch that can be set to mono operation for use with standard guitar-style pedals. The effects return is equipped with its own level control, allowing the player to blend the signal with the direct sound. A built-in momentary sustain footswitch is also provided so the Key-Largo can act as a standalone sustain pedal. Finally, a dedicated connection allows the player to use their own volume pedal for control over the stereo bus. For more information, contact Radial Engineering: 604-942-1001, FAX 604-942-1010,, 34 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE 2 Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Johnny A. Custom Outfit Guitar Epiphone has released the Premier Artist Signature Series and the Ltd. Ed. Johnny A. Custom Outfit, which is based on Johnny A.’s original design. For over two decades, Johnny A. has cultivated a reputation as one of rock n’ roll’s supreme guitarists and bandleaders. His signature archtop features a sharp double cutaway along with a unique sound hole design. The Johnny A. Custom Outfit features a flame maple top in sunset glow finish, Gibson 57TM Classic pickups, Bigsby B70 vibrato, an ebony fretboard, and hard case. For his first Epiphone signature guitar, Johnny A. chose the same classic thin-line semi-hollow mahogany body design with modern non-script “f-holes,” five-layer white and black (pure white/black) on the top, plus an ebony fretboard with Johnny’s pearloid inlay. For more information, contact Yorkville Sound: 905- 837-8777, FAX 905-839-5776,, 3 AKG K275, K245 & K175 Foldable Studio Headphones AKG, a division of Harman Professional Solutions, has introduced the K275, K245, and K175 foldable studio headphones for mobile musicians and audio professionals. The K275 and K245 models feature 50 mm transduc- ers that provide greater low-frequency extension and detailed bass reproduction. The K175 utilizes an on-ear design with 40 mm transducers. All three headphone models offer studio-quality frequency response, sensitiv- ity, and low impedance for clarity, detail, and maximum output before distortion, even when playing music from lower-powered mobile devices. The foldable design uses a three-axis hinge and a self-adjusting headband so they fit into tight spaces while also protecting the structural parts from damage. For more information, contact B&J Pro: 800-268- 8147,,