Canadian Music Trade - June/July 2017 - Page 32

BUSINESS MATTERS By Michael Raine Contemporary Music Center: What Made Them NAMM’s 2016 Dealer of the Year? In industry happenings. You’re there to serve your customers and to be the best that you know how to be. Through the years, I think the first year they did Dealer of the Year and the Top 100 was in 2011, and when we made the Top 100 that year, it really kind of made me stop and pause for a second, because it made me realize that the work we were doing was gaining recognition and it was gaining recognition against peer companies that are wonder- fully run businesses. So, you know, it’s kind of like getting your shirt starched. You realize you’re going to a dance and people are going to see you and you want to look the best you possibly can. So through time, you keep at that and you make changes in your model that you think kind of embrace the current environ- ment that you’re trying to function in and it’s not static, so you have to consider the changes in trends and styles and customers’ ways of buying and interacting. So we kept making adjustments and trying to do things better… I guess if there’s something that Manager Jerry Hammack (left) & Owner Menzie Pittman in CMC’s put us in the limelight it is the fact @4410 performance venue that we have the store set up a little differently than a lot of music stores. In 2013, we put a performance centre down- CMT: There is a lot that goes into win- stairs and it’s not a recital hall. It could be ning an award such as Dealer of the a nightclub if you had alcohol in there, Year, but the broad question is what which of course we don’t. made you the best and how did you separate yourself from the rest to earn the title? CMT: What was the reason for creating @4410, your in-store performance venue? Menzie Pittman: I appreciate the ques- tion. I think the humour here is that you work on your store and you have a vision MP: I was at [the 2012 Summer NAMM of what you think it needs to be and you show] and I went by the Bedell Guitars go about that task regardless of outside booth and I saw a young artist playing gui- the lead up to NAMM è)Q)݅ɑ̰ )5ͥQɅ՝)ݥѠ5饔)Aѵݹ)ѡݼ ѕɅ5ͥ ѕ( 5 ѽɕ́YɝѼЁݡ)ɹѡѡ؁݅ɐȁ)ѡeȸ() 9%85UM% QI)хȁ$ѡ՝ЁѼ͕qeԁܰ)ݽձոѼɥѡѽɽ)́ݸѼ9͡٥tM$х)ѼQ Ё٥ѡ䁅)Qݼ=!́݅́qe)ѡӊé፥ѥtMݔݽɭѼ͕Ё)qɽӊtȁѡѽ)ݔѡЁ啅ȁѼЁѡɕ)Ё$ձeЁЁѥѡɔ݅́)ɕ䁍ٕЁѼٔѡ)͡ߊ%Ёɕ䁵ɕ锁ѡЁѡɔ)݅́ͥѼѡ́鱔%Ё݅ͻe)Ёͥ쁥Ё݅́ɥѥ䁵̴)$ɕ镐ѡЁݔݕɕeЁѼ)ЁѡѕѡЁ݅́ѡЁх)ɹѼ䰁͔ɹѼ)䁅Ʌѥȁɽ)ѡɹѼ䁅ѡ)͍ɕх́ѡȰɹѼ)䁅她ɽЁՑ)͔ѡЁɔѡɔѼ͕)ɕəɴ́ɕЁѡQӊe)܁$ɕ܁ͼ$݅́ɕ䁵ѥمд)䁥и)M$хѼѡ)եݹȁЁѽ́Ё啅)Ѽեи9ЁѡͥЁѡݗeٔ)ЁЁѡɽݸݕ)]݅ѡѡ䁩)ɕЁ͔ӊéͥᅍѱ䁱) Օɐm t9͡٥ȁ Օ)䁥ɝѽݸ]͡ѽ $)ЁѕȁѡɕЁѕɽ)ѡЁ$܁) 5Pɥѡ݅ɑ́Ё啅Ȱ)954ͅ 5 ѡЃqٕ䁅)ѡѽɔ́ѕѼͥѥٕ)Ёѡѽȁɕє)ѥɕ͔tɔѡɕȴ)ɥѼȁ́ѡɔɔѼ