Canadian Music Trade - June/July 2017 - Page 30

Doors, Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, Sublime, Poison, Kiss, Guns & Roses, AC/DC, Rush, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie. 12 p.m. Musician Marketing: Insider Tips to Grow Your Brand (Double Session) Jillian Kelleher, Connector Entertainment Group (Moderator) & panel 1 p.m. Hit Songwriting: Making the Most of Cutting-Edge Trends (Double Session) Thornton Cline, songwriter & author (Moderator); Michaela Clarke, recording artist; Eric Masse, producer; Michael Garvin, songwriter & Gareth, recording artist 2 p.m. The Art of Endorsement Deals (Double Session) Jen Lowe, endorsing artist (Moderator); Meredith Hamlin, Kyser Musical Products; Ron Bienstock, Scarinci Hollenbeck; Alan Friedman, Friedman, Kan- nenberg & Co. & Dan Lipson, Emerging Artist Network 3 p.m. 2017 Songwriter Success Summit (Double Session) Presented by Nashville Song- writers Association International CANADIAN EXHIBITORS Advanced Audio Microphones - Booth 331 Advanced Audio Microphones is a grassroots, family-run Ca- nadian company. The efficient design and uncompromised sound of its microphones is due to 45 years of experience plus the sound engineering expertise of company CEO and designer Dave Thomas. At Sum- mer NAMM, it will show its line of dynamic, tube, and FET mi- crophones and mic preamps. Godin Guitars - Booth 10 ‘[Z]\[HB\[H]\Y][ۜš][وZ]\[Y[˜H][Z]Y[و[XX™Z]\HZ\\H ۈHX\XYKH]\[H\Y\[[H[ۂZ]\HHH]YH[[H\[Y Y][ۘ[X\X[[Y[[YBHX[\ Y\]Z\YXY[X[[[M[[Y\H] KU\[ۈوBX\X][ۜ[\YY\[[Hۈ\^Kۈ H MBۈ]H M[KBY\SSH]][Bو\\[ۈ[[Y[KBYۙY܈[X]Y]X[]B[[ Yۘ]\H\\[Y[H^Y\ Xۂ[ H[XZH[\X\[B\Hۈ[KBY[[H[H] B[ˈH[X]\HH\ق\Yۘ]\H[[Y[[BY[HZۋH][X\[K[Z\˂STH8$ MH[\KB[ۘ[]\X”ٝ\BYH\BX][ۈ SKBJH[]\ŒSQPSUTPQB][Y\][Bٝ\KSSHHYB]Hܛ۝X\Y[\BHܙ[^][ۈ\[[܂ N[^[ۙ [[X\H][\SSH N ܈H\YX\[HSTH[\\]SSHH\YBܛ[ٝ\KSSKSTB\Y[Y MSTHTBH]\XXH[[[\XY][ܚZX[ZKܛ۝[\X][š[\[\X[K]x&\X]\8$ LLL“]x&\X]\[H[š]]܈ MX[ۈقZ]\\][[Y\SSKH ][[[YHBT P\]X]\H؛HX]\[]HۈXKZۚ]]\HTMST [KB\JH\X]\H۝\[\HXܘ]]H][˜X[Y]XH[ B\YYYHY\ˈ[܈ M]x&\\YXHTMRQ \] H\X\H\۝[YYžYX\YˈH\]\\“]]Hܝ[Y\XKZ[\Y[X]\\ٝYYH]ٝYYH[K\x&\X]\ H M \x&\X]\\H[Z[H\KB\]X\X[YZ]\[[[Y[\˜[ۙ]X[\XB\ܚY\ˈH\[x&\]KB[Y\ݙ\ X˂]H[[Y\SSH\x&\[H\[]™[[ښHX[YZ]\\[Xˈ][[X]\H\X[YXX]\[B\YHZ]\8$ L\YHZ]\[]H][[]\و]\ ][[[XBX[X\XZ]\\KB[Y][[Y\SSH M˂]\YX\&\[[Y\SSK\YH[H\[š][] M\B[Yۘ]\H\Y\Z]\[Y[^ۈ['[[Z]8'H\Yۘ]\H[ B[ˈXX[][\H[Y][Y\\H[\YYœH܈H[Y[KXX[ H MBXX[[\H[]’]][ۈ[[ٙ\[›[ܙHۚX[ۜ[ۙHقH\[x&\[XۚX˜[X[[\ˈ\H[[HB\\ۈԈ\[\˜[X[ˈԈٙ\ٙ\[ۘ[[]H[ܙHYܙXBXH܈H]\YH[[Y\\ \]HXX[܈B]ܘHو[ݘ]]H[ۜš[X˂[\H]Y[\Yۈ B M L•[\H]Y[\Yۈ[B\H]YZY[[Z[[BZ]\Y[\]X]\BH]ZX[X\HY[[[ B[\[KH[\HY]و]X[Y[[\\Y\]]\[\ˈ[\x&\[[\[[[[\\X\[BۙY\H\[]Y[˜ۛX]]HۈHYHوZ\[\X\]]][™[\܈\X\ˈ[KBH]Y[^\]8&\\H]BY][][[\\[Y][]\]]\BSSH˂ZXY[Z[H\B[[܈Y]܈ق[YX[]\XY