Canadian Music Trade - June/July 2017 - Page 28

The National Music Council will honour Gram- my-winning songstress Crystal Gayle, sing- er-songwriter and poet Patti Smith, and comic, actor, writer, musician, and creators’ rights ac- tivist Harry Shearer at the 34 th annual American Eagle Awards at Summer NAMM. The awards are presented each year in recognition of long- term contribution to American musical culture and heritage, the importance of music educa- tion for all children, and the need to protect creators’ rights, both locally and internationally. The honorees will be celebrated during Summer NAMM’s Opening Night Party at the Music City Center, which is open to industry members, Summer NAMM attendees, and the general public. MUSIC INDUSTRY DAY EMMYLOU HARRIS AT THE 2016 AMERICAN EAGLE AWARDS Saturday, July 15 Professionals and students from across the music and audio industries will be able to attend Sum- mer NAMM 2017 to discover new products, attend educational workshops, catch live music, and network to form new relationships. Attendees will be able to participate in a variety of recreational music making activities while building their busi- ness networks. shopped the far corners of the show floor to identify the biggest products, technologies, and services at the show. The idea is to high- light the gear that is most likely to make a big impact in the fourth quarter and the New Year. IDEA CENTER SESSIONS BOOTH 463 Idea Center sessions are educational ses- sions, usually 30-minutes in length with some running longer, that are filled with business-building ideas that retailers can put to use right away. NAMM UNIVERSITY SCHEDULE BREAKFAST SESSIONS NAMM U will be offering Breakfast Sessions each morning in the Music City Center’s Grand Ballroom. A free breakfast is served 8 a.m. and the session runs from 8:30-9:30 a.m. These sessions feature in-depth dis- cussions and guest speaker presentations featuring industry insiders weighing in with their ideas and strategies for doing busi- ness in today’s competitive marketplace. Thursday, July 13 THE RETAIL STORE OF THE FUTURE Retail Prophe ЁչȀ <՜Mѕ)ѕ٥ݕ954Aɕ̸)1)% ɕЁMͥ954ݕ)́ɕхɥЁѡ՝Ё)՜Mѕ̰չȁ <)IхAɽиѡȁѡе͕)QIхI٥مMѕ́ݥͥ)ݸݥѠ954AɕͥЁ <))1Ѽ͡ɔ́݅ɐѡ)̸ͥѕ́Ё܁ݔ)ɔݡɔݗeɔ܁ѡ䁍)ѼЁѡȁɔܸMѕ)ݥͼЁѡɕхѽɔѡɔ)ɽхͥѼѕ䁅)ɭѥ9єQ͕ٕ́ͥ́ٔ)䁅ݥЁɕ() 9%85UM% QI)ɥ䰁)ձ)Q! =99 Q =9MU5H) UMQ=5HaAI%9 %88)=91%9]=I1)Aɕ͕ѕ՜ȰMѠMхȁ ձд)ѽȁɥ)%ѡ͕́ͥѽȁɥ)՜ȁݥѼѕ́)ѡ䁍ѡȁͥ́хЁ)ѡ́չѕ̴́)ѕЁѕѥ̸Iх̰ՙȴ)̰ɥѽ́ݥ͍ٕȁѡ)ɥ́Ѽɽ٥ݽɱ)ѽȁɥ܁Ѽٽ)ѡȁݥ͍́܁)ٔѼɅѥ䁕مєѡ)ѽȁɥ́ͅɕձ̸)Ёѕ́ݥ݅݅ݥѠ)ɽٕ́ѥѥ́ѡ䁍)ЁѼ͔ɥЁ݅䁙ȁٕɥܴ)əհɥٕȁٕȁ)Mɑ䰁)ձ) MP%8M!=\)AɅѕɅȰ5ͥ%(U Ё䁵饹)Mյȁ954ѕ́ɔ٥ѕѼ)Ʌȁͥɔ)х́ȁѡ́е٥954T) ɕЁMͥQ́ݥٔ)Q!UIMd)U1d((ԁQ́Ѽ5ѡ5ЁeȁY)5ɭѥ)IٕɈ(ā)Aɽٕ%́ȁѥٔ%хɅ)A)I典 ѕȰAɅє5()AɅѥQ́ȁ ѕȁ]ͥє ѕ)]5ͽ9Aѽ5ͽ5ͥ(ȁ)1ͽAɽɅée) ɽ Q5ͥI()!܁ѼÚ͔)ѥٔḾQ)I5ɥAЁ5եх(ā(؁]́ѼMɍɝe)5ɭѥ)Aѕȁ51յչ