Canadian Music Trade - June/July 2017 - Page 10

RPMDA Convention Brings Print Music Pros to Atlanta The Retail Print Music Dealers Association held its 41 st annual convention in Atlanta, GA from April 26-29, 2017, which hosted 169 profes- sionals, including 32 first-time attendees, from across the various segments of the North American print music industry. At the exhibition, there were 26 exhibitors offering their latest titles and special promotions for attendees and their companies. The convention program was split into three tracks: track one for print music specialists with less than three years of experience; track two for print music managers and buyers; and track three for business owners and managers. Gear Fischer, president of Peaksware, which owns Alfred Music, started the conven- tion with a session on the state of the industry and how dealers can do a better job of connecting with their customers. At the RPMDA (TED) Talks About Print Music session, Alan Friedman moderated a discussion with four speakers who reflected on the state of the industry and shared ideas for its future. In addition to the exhibition and educational program, attendees were invited to a tour of CNN’s headquarters and the Georgia Aquarium, as well as a tour of the J.W. Pepper facilities, a scavenger hunt, and the annual awards banquet. “Turnout was larger than expected with more dealers than in years past and session feedback was overwhelmingly positive as attendees appreciated the breadth of the topics and the thoroughness of the presentations,” RPMDA President Don Langlie tells Canadian Music Trade. “The exhibit hall was always busy with productive meetings between publishers and retailers. The session on copyright generated a lot of interest and, consequently, lots of questions. This will be a topic we cover annually to continue the education.” Next year’s RPMDA convention will take place in Minneapolis, MN, from April 25-28, 2018. For more information, contact the RPMDA:, Thousands Descend on CosmoFEST 2017 Thousands of people, from music professionals to families with young children, recently descended on Cosmo Music in Richmond Hill, ON for the third annual CosmoFEST concert and expo. The event, hosted on Saturday, June 3 rd , featured a free concert headlined by indie rock hit makers Mother Mother, with support from Honeymoon Suite, The Beaches, Meghan Patrick, and more. The expanded 14,000-sq.-ft. gear exhibit tent hosted over 130 MI brands being represented by more than 200 product experts while the nearby C [][]HۙHX]\Y[Z[HX]]Y\ܝ[]Y\܈[[\]][KBY[^X]H[Y\[\X\܈]\X˜ۜ[Y\[]\XX[[[ܙK\H\[H[]\و[ۙY]\KBX[XY[[][]\X[\܋BX[H[Xˈ\HX]Y [[X]H\[ۜ™X]\Y[[Y\\[X[ [JKZ]\\[H H\ۈXZY[K\\[Z[\ۂVPK[[Y\[\[X\ [[JK[Z]\\]H]\ [XH\K\H\[HYY][ܙY]\H]\X™[[]\H܈H[]]ܘ\]Y[\HX\[[[Y\YYBܘ[Y\ [ZH[^ H[ۙ\K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝X[]\X΂L KM ML\ܝ[]\X˘K˘[]\X˘KQQHԐSQTUSUSёTLSQPSUTPQBU