Canadian Music Trade - February / March - Page 46

ENDORSER UPDATE DPA’s pocket-sized d:vice MMA-A Digital Audio Interface is help- ing renowned musician Nikolai Tunkowitsch to record demos and capture musical ideas on his iPhone. He recently used it to capture an entire run through rehearsal for Wien ohne Wiener, a new project at the Volkstheater in Vienna. “If you are really into saving space when traveling around, then the d:vice is great,” Tunkowitsch says. “It is so small that it fits into my violin case and, apart from an extra microphone, I don’t need to carry any other equipment. It is also aesthetically really pleasing – I sometimes just open the box to look at it.” Brandon Barnes, drummer for hardcore band Rise Against, is now using Vater drumsticks. While on tour throughout 2018, Barnes will use Vater’s 1A drumsticks and linen-based Grip Tape. He also uses Sabian cymbals and Tama drums and hardware. “I am very excited to announce that I am joining the Vater drumsticks family! It’s truly an honour,” says Barnes. “The Vater 1As have an amazing balance and durability... long and lean for power and speed without sacrificing a great feel.” 46 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE Singer and guitarist Rose Cora Perry of The Truth Untold has been announced as the first Ca- nadian woman to sign on as an endorsing artist with Blackstar Amplification. The former frontwoman of grunge quartet Anti-Hero, Perry founded her own record label at age 15 and it wasn’t long after that she was named the first Canadian endorsee of Daisy Rock Guitars. “The cleans are deliciously crisp and the distortion roars,” says Perry of Blackstar amps. “For a rhythm player whose songwriting heavily involves dynamic changes, being able to easily navigate between distinct tonal differences – without the use of multiple pedals – is essential. I adore my Blackstar and can’t imagine playing anything else.” Norwegian multi- instrumentalists Anders Odden has joined the Warwick roster of endorsing bass players. He cur- rently plays with the extreme metal band Satyricon and previously played guitar in the death metal band Cadaver. For him, Warwick is making a Custom Shop Masterbuilt Streamer LX long-scale bass made of red alder. “I’ve been here for a whole day going through 40 or 50 different kinds of basses and it’s incredible how you like one, pick up another one, and you like that even better. So it’s very hard to make one choice,” says Odden from the Warwick factory.