Canadian Music Trade - February / March - Page 44

CLASSIFIEDS E M PLOYM E N T DDH Audio is seeking experienced independent reps in Central and Western Canada for the K-array product range. Please reply to: Sales Representative – Erikson Commercial (Québec) – Great Work Environment! JAM Industries is a leading distributor of con- sumer electronic goods, pro and commercial audio equipment, and musical instruments. To learn more about JAM Industries, please visit our website at We are currently seeking a talented, resource- ful, confident candidate to join our team as Sales Representative for our Erikson Commercial Division, handling the Quebec territory as a whole. Erikson Commercial, which operates under Erikson Pro, is a Canadian distributor of installation audio and video solutions that span across installation commodity products, assistive listening, system control, and automation. Our market caters to audio and video systems con- tactors and integrators. The Sales Representative will be responsible for growing brands within the prescribed terri- tory by contacting prospective customers and strengthening relationships with existing clients. Specific responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: • Servicing existing accounts by main- taining inventory levels, performing staff training seminars, merchandising goods, and coordinating store promotions when needed; • Cold calling to prospects and existing customers; • Following up with new/existing custom- ers, leads, and opportunities; • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of products and ensuring customers are informed of current and new products; • Attending trade shows, educational semi- nars, and sales meetings as required; • Completing administrative tasks in a timely manner, including weekly activity reports; • Providing excellent customer service and developing strong customer relationships; • Actively participating in weekly confer- ence calls and sales meetings to improve sales efficiency and success; Requirements: • Completed college; • 5 years Commercial Audio sales experi- ence, ideally in distribution, manufactur- ing, or at the dealer level; • Knowledge of territory and dealers would 44 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE be an asset; • Valid driver’s license and reliable trans- portation required and must be able to travel regularly between customers locat- ed throughout Quebec and attend North American trade shows; • Able to work with all client levels, includ- ing dealers, end-users, consultants, etc.; • Self-motivated, self-starter who is well organized and enjoys a +ɥݥѠɽд)ЁѼѽȁ͕٥͕́ѥ+5Ёɽ٥ፕЁѽȁ͕٥+ ͕ɽٕɅɕɐ+ ձЁͥՅѥ́ݥѠ)䁅х+!́չȁѼɽ܁Ս+MɅѕѡȀѡеѡ)ȁ+Ѽݽɬ͕ݥѠЁѼ)ɔٕЁ́ͅѥٕ+AɽݥѠ5ɽͽЁ=)ѥ+ፕѥٕɉɥѕ)ɕ͕хѥͭ++Ʌѕɝѥ䁅)ܵѡɽ՝+ɅѕѼݽɬд)幅٥ɽ+ɅѕѼݽɬѽ)ͱݥѠ٥ͥ+MɽѕѥѼх)]ݔɕєȁѕɕа͔є)ѡЁՅѕ́ݥхѕ)A͔х!յIͽɍ̃L)-ͥչ̰)-ͥչ)%ɥ̹)Ցɥѽ́%ѕɹѥ͕́)5ͥ%յЁḾAͽȁ=хɥ)́Ё͕ѥمѕم)ձѥѕѡQٕٔ)͕́ݱѡ5$ɕхɭи)Ḿɥ͕́и) ͅѥѥ́Ѽ)͍͕)ɥЁ́ͅɕ́ɔ)ɅѼ)A͔ɕյѼ)ɥɑ)=AA=IQU9%Q%L)ձ5ͥMѽɔٕѽɕՍѼ͕)Iѥɥѱ)AI=T QL)UɅɕȁȁեȁݸɼͽչ)եхȁɥٔͅ]MQ= ,MA-ILɔ)ѕ́ȁͥյаɼͽչ)ѕɕѡѕȰɍͽչȁ)Ёٕѡ͔ݕЁѡɽ) é䁙ѽ䁅ѡɥ镐ɥѽȸ)եɥ́ݕ)D =5A=99QL( ȁ]ѕɱ=8)8X)QɕĴ̴)ܹō̹)ͅՑ̹) =I%=9L =9 IQ%9L UQQ=8) =aL9\UM 䰁MQɅIȰQչ)፡شԴ]ͥє)ܹѥɑ̹)] M%QA=%9P=)M1)ͥȵѼU͔AЁM)IхUЁ1Є%Րȁѽɔ%ѕɅѕ)ѼMȁEե ̸Ѽ͔M̸Iх̸)Eսѕ̸ ͥ̽Ʌ̸1ͽ͍́)ձAɍͥ ѽȁɅѕͥٔ)ɕ̸ɔɕи ѕȸYͥЁ́)ܹɕх)5ɔAɽх]ͥє)IхU]ͥѕ̸ ѽ镐Ʌ)مɍ=ɭѥѽ̸)фɽٕȀɅ̄Yͽ)ɕх̰䁽ɥ䰁̰)Սɔɕи ѕȸYͥЁ́)ܹɕх)1́QѼ51ͽ̄)IхU%ӊéЁQMձA)ѕ̸ ѽ̸Mٔչѱ́́)չѥ͍ձѥIչ́Ր)ȁѽɔɕи ѕȸYͥ)ܹɕх