Canadian Music Trade - February / March - Page 34

Blessing BBTB-62R Bass Trombone E.K. Blessing has introduced the BBTB-62R bass trombone as part of its 2018 lineup. The BBTB-62R is delivered in the key of Bb/F/Gb and features a .562-in. large bore, 9.5-in. bell, clear epoxy lacquer finish, and two-piece rose brass bell. It also features an independent in-line double rotor system. Designed to be player and budget friendly, it is configured to meet the overall demands of any band situation, providing the requisite depth of sound to a trombone section. The BBTB-62R comes complete with a protective case, Blessing 1.5G mouthpiece, and Ultra-Pure lubricants. For more information, contact St. Louis Music: 800-727-4512, FAX 866-587-2263,, Levy’s Utopia Magnolia & Wild Rose Guitar Straps Levy’s Leather has introduced the Utopia Magnolia (MS317EM) and Utopia Wild Rose (MS317ER) guitar straps. The Utopia Magnolia straps are available in sand and purple while the Utopia Wild Rose straps are available in sand and burgundy. The Utopia Magnolia straps are inspired by the magnolia flower, and their designer, Danica Levy, says she wanted to create a more feminine counterpart to the Wild Rose straps. The Utopia Wild Rose straps are inspired by tattoos of roses. The first is made in sand so that the linear design is highlighted and also mimics the skin as a canvas. The second is done in burgundy to capture the boldness and beauty of the roses. For more information, contact Levy’s Leathers: 800-565-0203, FAX 888-329-5389,, MS317ER UTOPIA WILD ROSE MS317EM UTOPIA MAGNOLIA 34 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE