Canadian Music Trade - February / March - Page 31

6 4 5 4 Boss Katana-Air Wireless Guitar Amplifier Boss has introduced the Katana-Air, a fully-wireless guitar amp system. Running on batteries, the amp requires no power cable or cables between the guitar and amp. The 30-W amp comes with a receiver that plugs into any electric guitar and charges while docked in the amp. One charge provides 12 hours of playing time and a motion sensor switches it on and off depending on whether the guitar is being played. Like other Katana amps, five amp characters are onboard – Brown, Lead, Crunch, Clean, and Acoustic – as well as access to over 50 Boss effects, which can be stored in six onboard memories and organized via Boss’s Tone Studio app for iOS and Android. For more information, contact Roland Canada: 604-270-6626, 5 Viscount Legend Solo Organ Viscount has released the Legend Solo organ. Every- thing needed and familiar on a classic tone-wheel organ is found on the Legend Solo where it would be expected, meaning no menus or LCD screens. The Legend Solo, designed and engineered in Italy, duplicates a classic tone-wheel organ, making it an ideal portable solution for musicians seeking a classic organ sound. It features a waterfall keyboard with high trigger points for a fast response. The Legend Solo uses the latest tone wheel modeling technology and is designed to be easy to play. There are newly-de- signed rotary and amp simulations and two full sets of drawbars. There are four presets for each set of drawbars and also improved harmonic percussion and key click. There is an external Leslie 11-pin output and FX send/return. For more information, contact Schmidt Piano & Organ Service: 519-570-3280, FAX 519-579-7615,, 6 Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 Standalone Sampler Pioneer DJ has released the DJS-1000 standalone DJ sampler. DJs can use the DJS-1000 in their setup to create unique sounds and phrases in advance of their set or on the fly. It features a 7-in. full-colour touch screen, 16 multicoloured step input keys, multicoloured perfor- mance pads, a host of inputs and outputs, live sampling, and various other performance features. With the step sequencer, DJs can create a new groove by tapping the 16 large, multicoloured step input keys. DJs can load up to 16 samples to the large rubber performance pads, then finger drum freely to layer sounds on the fly. The multicolour LEDs show what samples are in play, while Velocity Mode lets users control the sample volume with the amount of pressure they apply. With the touch strip, the pitch can be quickly changed when using the pitch bend feature, or users can play a drum roll by using the note repeat feature. DJs can sync up the DJS-1000 to a CDJ or XDJ set-up using Pro DJ Link. Thanks to the Beat Sync function, a tempo slider, and a Nudge button, users adjust tempo and beat position manually like they would on a turntable. For more information, contact SFM: 800-363-8855, 514-780-2070, FAX 514-780-2111,, CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE 31