Canadian Music Trade - February / March - Page 30

PRODUCT NEWS 1 2 3 2 1 Riversong Tradition 2P GA Stage TP Guitar Riversong Guitars has released the Tradition 2P GA Stage TP guitar, the company’s most technologically- advanced offering to date. Riversong teamed up with Fishman Electronics and installed an OEM Triple Play wireless guitar performance/MIDI system. This makes the guitar like a touch-sensitive pad that can play any sample and interface with programs like Ableton Live or any MIDI device. The knob on the front works as a digital encoder and can control any parameter of the analog or MIDI signal by running the guitar output through a channel on a DAW. The Triple Play software can run on its own or operate as a VST plug-in. The Tradition 2P GA Stage TP guitar is designed to look exactly like Riversong’s Trad 2P GA but with a twist. At less than 2-in. of depth, the guitar feels fast and the top is responsive and braced like an acoustic. With adjustable neck angle and a new intonation system, the guitar is built for performing musicians. For more information, contact Riversong Guitars: 250-319-5050,, 30 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE 2 ART Tube Mix Audio Interface Applied Research & Technology (ART) has released the compact Tube Mix interchangeable audio [\BXK\YۙYܚ]H\]\۝\[[Yۘ[HH\Y]Hو]Y[\\BY][Yۘ[]H\]\[\[˂HXHZ^ݚY\H\[[܂\ۘ[YHY[Xܙ[܈[ؚ[HXܙ[˂][H\YXܙ\\\HۙYX\XZHX[ݙ\܈XܙH[K[[][[˜\H[HX]\Y]YKX[TK]^[[[][۝ˈ[X[][YH[B۝[\[X]ܜ܈[][H][][[HHY[\Y[H[[Y[[]\[[\[][][ۈ[[ۋH]]X[ۈٙ\B\\]H\[[ۚ]܈Z^ۈHXZ[\[BXܙ[XHH]^\܈XH\HY\]Z\Y H^XH۝KXYۙHX[ۈٙ\œ][[ۚ]܈HXZ[Z^ TЈ[] []^[ˈ]][XHY]\[YH[[˜YH[YH[Y[ ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝X[ܚݚ[H[L KN N VL KN KMM͋[YP[ܚݚ[KK˞[ܚݚ[KK‘[ۈ]Y[[X[\[ؚ[BH\[B[ۈٙ\[ۘ[\[X\YH]Y[[X[ B\ٙ\[ۘ[[ؚ[HH\[KH]Y[[X[\\[[ Z[[ۙH\XB\[H\YۙY]\ٞHHYYوٙ\[ۘ[Y\ؚX[Xܜ\[\܈[[ۙBYY[H[X۝Z[Y [\\Y[]]]X\ˈH]Y[[X[\[\]Hۈ]š[\[X\XXH]\H܈P\R\[\ZXܛۙ\\H[YY [ۙ]B\X[]H^H]Y[HY]]X\TЋ[YYXK\H\H[˜XXX[]]HZX[H[]ˈ\XKB\\[YHYKX[TKH]^HX]HXZ\] LZ[ٙ\[\^K[[YY\BHYYH[H[Y[܈X\H[ܝ[]ZX] ]\ ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝X[]\X[YN NN KNNLL V N KNN KNNLLܙ\[YP[]\X؜[˘K˚[]\X؜[˘K