Canadian Music Trade - February / March - Page 27

NWC NAMM Canadian Reception After Thursday’s action and with a few eve- ning events coming up on Saturday, we took it easy on Friday night and enjoyed a good meal at the Garden Walk before an early bedtime. My Saturday morning started at the Ernie Ball booth, checking out some new offerings like an expanded accessory line, cool tremolo pedal, and of course, some new Music Man models. I par- ticularly love the roasted maple necks they were highlighting across the guitars and basses. D’Addario had a particularly cool booth this year, in line with the sharp branding they’ve been rolling out in recent years. There were quite a few interesting things on display, including Promark’s FireGrain drumsticks, which I think are the coolest-looking sticks out there right now, plus some new high-end guitar accessories. Maybe my favourite of the lot that I know will appeal to a lot of gear heads are the company’s custom pedal- board solutions. Basically, the idea is to provide a strand of guitar or power cable with the appropri- ate connectors and all the tools necessary to make either custom power or patch cable solutions for your effects. After that was a trip to InMusic’s upper- level space to meet with InMusic Canada’s Paul McRonald. It was cool to hear about the parent company’s approach to product development considering, for example, they have several dif- ferent DJ brands with some overlapping product categories. It looks like the Headrush guitar effects line is doing well since being rolled out a year ago, and I had a great time playing around on the Alesis Strike Pro kit – probably my favourite digital drum set-up from the show. We ended the day chatting with HHB Can- ada’s Dave Misener about some of the new offer- ings from Universal Audio, Blue Microphones, and Rupert Neve Designs. We also got to talk music, as Dave’s a member of a pretty cool rock band called The Sends along 6FR26VwVRG&76&&W'@B6FW6>( 2FfR֖W"6V6FVWBखVFFVǒfvrFR6rv2Ц6FW6>( 2V6FFVW &V6WF( 2v2G&VBvF6RFVƖ6W0fBB&gVbf֖Ɩ"f6W26VFp&WFW'2BW&f&W'2fvr&W6FV@V6G7W6&( 2&VfVBV&ƖwV7VV6FR6&V6v旦VB6RbG0FVW'2v&R&r֖W7FRfW'6&W0#6VFrVFF( 2vfW62&6B( 266W62BGvvpW6VRv626F2&FG&VBVV&V26G6w&GVF2F@F2Ff"FW"7FV"'G֖RB6RvBFRvBf'GVPFFR"6FFV2vV26R`FV"'WW'2B&W2g&F7G&'WFVB'&G2B&W7FW&B6VB&fR7FF6'BG&Vg&FRV&W6'B&VBv2G'VǒRЦVVvFw&VB'V6bVR@W&fV7BvF6fbvN( 2W7VǒFR'W6W7@FbFR6r2v2G'FFWB7VFvFRVFf6BV6BWfW'RbFR6FW&ЧF'2&WGvVV֖RBvR6VvBWfW'&GBvVW&ǒ7VrVRvW&RfBbF0FVR7FvRBFRt26F&V6WF৖V.( 2VFFb( B&R&V֗72BFVЧFFRW&2&FV7FfR6vr&FFW( fPvB6RfW'6BVff6VB6WF2f 6vr7G'VVG2B66W76&W2f"&F7WƖW"B&WFW'2v'F6V6rWBbP6FVƖ6FRFV22'BbW"W&F2fWrvVW&'6W'fF2B0F2V.( 26s( "7FfrFRfBG'V62fW FR6P( "FW&Rv26Rw&VBVFW'FV@FRf&W2WFF"BF"7FrЦW2rFN( 267FBg&V"FV"'WBBv26WFrF6VB@VVB&RFW7V#( "FW&R6VVVBF&RB&RvVBFR6r&FW&F'2BGFVBЦVW2F( fR6VV&WfW2V'2v62fW'V6W&vp( "FFfW2ƖRFR&WFVRwVF 6v66RBFW&FfƖ0&RvV6RFFF2FFR6p( "N( B&Rw&VBFfR66W72Ff7B@FWVF&RvfF&VvWBFRWЦ&G2N( B&VVfBFRW&F'2w&VFǐf"VFFV6ǒ&R&RF7B@7G&V6FVB&VFRg&FP6rf"GFVFrFR6rWfW'V"2w&V@&V֖FW"bbFR&W7B'G2bv&rFRW62BW66&GV7G2GW7G'( 2B7W6RF2V"FR&FV6vW2GW2ЧG&W2F6w&GVF2FWfW'RBf WBFW"7FFWBWfVBrf'v&BFWBV.( 2VFFG&Wrr2FRVFF"֖6Vbb6FW62G&FRॖ6F( 2FVW"&V6WF4DU42E$DR( "#