Canadian Music Trade - February / March - Page 16

SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT T hough the Music 8 brand may still be relatively new to some Canadian retailers, the team behind it boasts decades of experience in the international MI industry. The Montreal-based distribution firm carries its own Music 8-branded line of products – instruments, wired and wireless microphones, pedals, cables, stands, strings, and accessories – in addition to being the Canadian distributor for respected brands like La Bella Strings, Rowin Tuners, Belcat amplification, Hannabach Strings, and Optima Strings. Founder and President Alejandro Scherb says that, when it comes to choosing brands and products to represent in the Canadian market, he, Sales Manager Carlos Torres, and their team are looking for those with accessible price points that still meet a high standard for quality. “We try to get the most out of every brand and product, and maintain a certain uniqueness and singularity,” he shares. The story behind the company is perhaps even more unique than its product offerings. Scherb and his original partner, Edgardo Beilin, founded instrument distribution firm Beilin & Scherb in 1992 in their native Argentina; however, 15 years ago, amidst the Argentine Great Depression, the pair decided to move to Canada to provide a better opportunity for their respective families. “I had to start everything from scratch,” Scherb says, “but through patience and persistence, I knew I could build a solid business like the one I had back in Argentina.” Music 8 has been a registered trademark in Canada since 2006, and the goal now for Scherb and Torres is the same as it was when the company 16 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE Music 8 By Andrew King catalogue that carefully details all of Music 8’s products.” It can be a slow climb at times, he admits, gaining trust from new dealers and competing against brands that are well-established in the market; however, it’s a challenge to which he and Torres have ably risen over their combined decades in an industry for which they clearly have plenty of passion. The company benefitted from a recent boost in the way of a new partnership with La Bella Strings, a globally respected string brand first launched in 1860, for which Music 8 is now the exclusive Canadian distributor. “We want to reposition the La Bella brand name and recover its prestige, which we know is engraved in the memories of veteran musicians and experienced storeowners who used them as their first instrument strings,” says Scherb, noting the line is comprehensive in offerings for virtually every type of stringed instrument. (L-R) Music 8’s Alejandro Scherb, La Bella Strings’ Richard Cocco & Music 8’s Carlos Torres Looking ahead at goals for 2018 and beyond, the team at Music 8 is planning to make its presence even better in that by partnering with a growing known in the Canadian MI landscape number of Canadian dealers seeking and expand its territory and number of unique, unsaturated product lines that dealers. “We’re always looking to surpass offer an alternative to widespread brands our previous limits and hit new targets,” while still boasting good value and its founder explains. “We feel that Music performance. What’s more, Scherb adds, 8 is in full bloom, and it’s exciting to see is that many of Music 8’s products are it thrive as we continue to adjust to new as attractive for rental departments and trends and a changing market.” companies as they are sales floors. That’s something Scherb, Torres, and “In a time when technology is taking the team have successfully done since over our commerce and economy, we try founding Music 8 over 10 years ago – not to to prioritize human contact and person- mention throughout their previous decades to-person relations with our clients,” of combined experience in the industry Scherb says about Music 8’s general – and it’s something they look forward to approach to business. “We realize the continuing as they push forward. importance of direct marketing and its impact on our clients’ confidence in us, which is why we offer samples for testing Andrew King is the Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Music Trade. for all of our dealers, as well as a complete was founded: assembling a diverse and high-quality product catalogue with an accessible price range. “My vision has always been focused on establishing a strong foundation,” Scherb says, “and from there, growing slowly and steadily.” So far, the team has been successful