Canadian Music Trade - December/ January 2018 - Page 37

Korg Kross 2 Synth Workstation Korg has unveiled the Kross 2 synth workstation, the successor to the original entry-level Kross. The Kross 2 is a compact, lightweight (3.8 kg), portable worksta- tion capable of running for seven hours on six AA batteries. This new model adds more preset sounds, greater expansion PCM memory, a pad sampler that allows full-fledged sampling, and USB audio/MIDI interface functionality. The 16 pads can be assigned to various functions and a built-in sampler allows players to record via a line input and assign the recorded samples to the pads. They can also be assigned to play back samples from an SD card or entire backing tracks. With 120 voices of polyphony (40 more than its predecessor), it’s possible to create complex arrange- ments using the built-in 16-track sequencer. For more information, contact Korg Canada: 514-457-2555, FAX 514-457-0055, PRS 2018 SE Standard Guitars PRS has introduced its 2018 SE Standard models, including the SE Standard 24, SE 245 Standard, and SE Santana Standard. The SE Standard guitars are designed to be more affordable than the company’s custom shop models and feature versatile switching systems complete with coil taps and rosewood fretboards. New for 2018, the PRS SE Standards now come with 85/15 “S” pickups, fretboard binding, and the PRS SE signature headstock logo. For more information, contact Paul Reed Smith Guitars: 410-643-9970, FAX 410-643-9980,, PRS SE STANDARD 24 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE 37