Canadian Music Trade - December/ January 2018 - Page 34

PRODUCT NEWS 3 1 2 1 Prestige Troubadour RS Guitar Prestige Guitars has introduced the Troubadour RS, the single-pickup counterpart to the Troubadour model the company launched in 2015. The Troubadour RS is a single-cutaway solid body guitar featuring a combination of a solid 3/4-in. carved Canadian maple top and solid mahogany body and neck. The guitar is finished with a satin/matte black top and satin/matte stained mahogany sides, back, and neck, plus cream three-ply binding surrounding the body and a cream bound neck and headstock. The ebony fingerboard features understated, offset mother of pearl dot inlays. The Troubadour RS comes with H[ۈوZ]\H^[[\[[Y\\܈\H8&MYHX\ ۝[YH[HX[۝\Y[YH[ۙHۛ؜]\ \[[][[ۋ[ٙH] \\H\[Y]][[ [X[ۙT[ۘ]XHܘ\\[YH[ܛݙ\KU]H NH[YX\Y[\˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝X^H]\XΈ M L K[\^[]\X˘K˘^[]\X˘KSQPSUTPQB\H]Y[KM KM ڜY[ZXܛۙ\•\H]Y[\[X\YH][K\]\XHKB [Y \]HKM ڜY[ZXܛۙ\˂HKM \[[X][HXK\HX\YK[ٛܛY\[[Y ][K\]\\Hۙ[\ZXܛۙH\YۈH\X8& ]\Y[\Yۈ[\Xܙ܈H\ L \\YX\˂HKM ڜ\H[ܙH YYX]HU[ٛ܋BY\\\[ۈوH\X8& ˈHKM ڜ\[B\ܙ]H[\YH\]\˂ZX][^HH\H\X[ۈوB[YH \[H\[H\Y[H\X8& ZXܛBۙKH]ZXܛۙ\\H\YۙY]B[YHH]\[\]Y[H\ۜH[B\H\[ۈو\\[H\\YۙYX]BۚX\X\وHܚY[[ ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝X\Zۈ]Y[΂LM M MLMMKV LM M ML MK[\Zۘ]Y[˘K˙\Zۘ]Y[˘K‘PZ\KPZ[X\‘P\[XY][Hو\]Z\KXZ[X\]]\YۙY۝X[ܙ\]BXHۈHY[\ H\]X\XZH]X\Y\™\X]H\H[Q NH[ܙH[ۙBY[ H]X\\H]Z[XH[ۙK]]ŠLLKۙK]Y\ M LK܈ۙK]\^ LHۙY\][ۜ˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ۝XY^H]\X[KBY[Έ LM MN V LM MN ̋\Y^[]\X˘K˙Y^[]\X˘K