Canadian Music Trade - December/ January 2018 - Page 32

BUSINESS MATTERS Maximize Your Time at The NAMM Show Cosmo Music’s Jerry Hunt shares his top tips based on 25 years of NAMM Show experience By Michael Raine T he 2018 NAMM Show is fast approaching, ready to host the world’s MI, audio, and live production indus- tries at the recently-expanded Anaheim Convention Center and surrounding hotels from Jan. 25-28. It’s always been a massive event, and this year, it’ll be even bigger. (Check out our show preview on pg. 24 for the details.) As exciting and rewarding as it can be, the mega-show can also be a bit overwhelming and exhausting. To get the most out of it, attendees need to be prepared with a solid a plan of attack. To help out with this, we sought out a well-respected NAMM Show veteran to share his tips on how MI stores can get the most out of their time in California. Jerry Hunt is the purchasing manager for Richmond Hill, ON’s MI megastore Cosmo Music. He estimates he has been to around 25 NAMM Shows, so he has learned a thing or two about how to be productive and comfortable during his four hectic days on the sprawling show floor. Each year, he leads the Cosmo delegation of 10 to 16 department managers and other staff to the show. Based on his experience and Cosmo Music’s best practices, here are his top tips. Before the Show Know your schedule before you book flights and hotels: “Before you even book your seats on the airplane or book ho- tels, I would recommend you check out any pre- and post-show events that may pertain to your store. NAMM always puts on a num- ber of things pre and post, and then some vendors or manufacturers, such as Taylor or Fender, will also have special events for exclusive customers who have custom shop store outlets or dealers that specialize in Taylor guitars, for example. They’ll have these pre-show events that are only open to those dealers by invite to show guitars that they don’t even show at The NAMM Show. Of course, you have first shot at purchasing 32 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE these, so this is a great buying opportunity if you plan ahead. If you book your tickets and you don’t know the dates, then you’re out.” Arrange factory visits: “There are a number of factories and manufacturers who are around the Anaheim/L.A. area. Again, if you schedule ahead of time and plan ahead, you can visit them on your route either pre- or post-NAMM. Again, you’ve already paid for tickets, so you may as well maximize your time. Most of these guys are more than willing to show you around.” Everyone should know their mis- sion: “We meet with our team that we’re taking before we head out. We set goals, objectives, areas to visit, brands to capture, categories, etc. That way, we’re not all just running off to Ѡ݅ѥѥ)]eٕٔ剽ͽ)͍ѕ́́t) хЁ́ѥ+q ɔԁаɕЁѼ)ԁ݅ЁѼЁݥѠѡͽ)ɕͥȁȁѕɥѽ丁Q́́д)Ёѡɔɔɥѽ́ )׊eɔݥѠ̰ͥ)ѡȁѡTLȁɵ䁽ȁݡɕش)ȸѡЁЁѡȁх)ɵѥݡ׊e݅ЁѼ)ݥѠ͕ЁѵЁ͔ѡ)́ɐѼ׊eɔѡɔt