Canadian Music Trade - December/ January 2018 - Page 31

devices. At The NAMM Show, Nanolog will be unveiling its newest pedal, the Pi Orbital Fuzz. Perri’s Leathers - Booth 6410 Perri’s Leathers is a family business that takes pride in the quality and uniqueness of its products. The company produces licensed guitar and instrument straps, along with picks and other accessories that cater to all ages and tastes. Perri’s will be showcasing its emoji licensed guitar straps and picks, as well as other licensed products featuring Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, Kiss, Guns & Roses, AC/DC, Rush, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie. PK Sound - Booth 17310 Located on the second level of the new ACC North building, PK Sound will be exhibiting its Trinity robotic line array series, including the newly-launched Trinity Kompact, a smaller 10-in. tour and installation version of its 12-in. predecessor. Hear how Trinity can sculpt the sound field remotely and in three dimensions, using its accompanying Kontrol software. The 30-in. and dual 18-in. Gravity subwoofers will also be on display. PremiumBeat - Booth 10300 Shutterstock Music Canada and its boutique library PremiumBeat are looking for new composers and producers to join its roster. Attendees are invited to come meet mem- bers of the company’s music team at Booth 10300 and learn more about how they work with their artists. Prestige Guitars - Booth 1228 Vancouver-based Prestige Guitars will have its full lineup of solid and semi-hollow body electrics, as well as an exclusive line of hand carved acoustic guitars. Among its offerings, Prestige will be showcasing its DC Coupe and Signature Series guitars, including Rex Brown and Todd “Dammit” Kerns signature models. Radial Engineering - Booth 11915 Radial will debut a number of new “problem solvers,” including the MIX 2:1, a simple yet highly useful mixer that passively sums two audio channels down to one. The SAT-2 is a stereo audio attenuator and monitor controller, providing an adjustable level control wherever it’s needed. The latest from Primacoustic, Hafler, and Dynaco will also be showcased at the booth. Revv Amplification - Booth 5646 Manitoba-based amp manufacturer Revv Amplification is inviting attendees by its booth to crank up any of the Generator and Dynamis series amplifiers. NAMM Show at- tendees are invited to stop by the booth for a demo of the entire Revv line up. Rino Righele Luthier - Booth 9951 Master stringed instrument maker Rino Righele will be showing off his creations. The Vancouver-based luthier and restorer crafts fine Italian violins, violas, cellos, and bows, which will be on display for all to see and try. Riversong Guitars - Booth 7918 Riversong will be showing its most high tech guitar, the Tradition 2P GA Stage Triple Play Synth. NAMM attendees are invited to Riversong’s Synth Guitar Demo Station at its booth to give it a try. Also, Riversong, along with Philip Shaheen, will be unveiling the new Stage Oud. Based on the Stage Guitar, this update brings the 4,000-year-old Middle Eastern instrument into the 21 st century. Sabian - Booth 6422 Located in Hall C, Sabian says not to miss the brand new O-Zone Crashes in its smartly priced XSR and B8X Series, new Artisan Elite Traditional Symphonic cymbals, and a new 19-in. crash in the HHX Legacy Series. But for the biggest news, check out Sabian’s show-opening press conference on the first day of the show at 9 a.m. Schatten Pickups - Booth 4100 Schatten Pickups invites NAMM Show at- tendees to stop by and say “hello” as they are eager to “chat with you about the weather in Canada, the weather in California, hockey, beer, and oh yeah, our new production pro- cess for our full line-up of acoustic pickups and accessories.” SFM - Booth 3729 SFM will showcase a range of products from the MI brands it distributes in the U.S. High- lights include the new Honey Bee o