Canadian Music Trade - December/ January 2018 - Page 30

CANADIAN EXHIBITOR PREVIEW Dingwall Guitars - Booth 3044 Added to Dingwall Guitars’ Combustion/NG2 lines are six-string models, left-handed ver- sions, and three pickup versions. The Com- bustion models get Quilt Top options, black nickel hardware, and matte black pickguards. The award-winning D-bird model gets an offshore production version. The Lee Sklar model is updated with Super-Fatty II pickups. Dingwall’s 2018 leather strap features em- bossed racing stripes and logo. Dream Cymbals & Gongs - Booth 7239 Launched in 2005, Dream Cymbals is the partnership of passionate Canadian instru- ment designers and generations of Chinese gong smiths. Dream Cymbals & Gongs will be showing off its range of hand-crafted and hand-hammered cymbals. Drumeo - Booth 7329 Drumeo (Ultimate Online Drum Lessons Experience) is known for filming video drum lessons with the best drummers in the world. Drumeo has a booth in Hall C and through- out the show will be live streaming gear re- views, artist interviews, and jam sessions. Dunnett Classic Drums - Booth 7429 British Columbia-based Dunnett Classic Drums will be showing off its latest models from the R Class and George Way Drum Co. lines, as well as its Dunnett Classic models, such as the single-tension snare models. Ronn Dunnett is known for his unique ti- tanium drum shells, for which he won the International Titanium Association’s 2016 Application Development Award. Empress Effects - Booth 4648 Empress Effects will be showcasing its latest creations. The full line, with the addition of a top-secret prototype, will be available to demo at headphone stations or plugged into an amp. A double-size booth this year also means no waiting in line to try things out. F Bass - Booth 3041 F Bass, which has been handcrafting basses out of Hamilton, ON since 1978, will be cel- ebrating its 40 th anniversary, featuring a dis- play of special instruments like an anniversa- ry replica of the first fretted F built in ‘78 and a BN5 with F Bass humbuckers (splitable to single-coil) – a first for the company. F Bass artists will also be onsite to show off their favourite basses and chat with visitors. 30 • CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE Frettable - Booth 10500 Frettable is an artificial intelligence company specializing in musical instrument transcrip- tion. On Level 1 of the convention centre, Frettable will be unveiling a new app that records song ideas and converts them to sheet music to communicate and collabo- rate with other musicians around the world. An in-booth demo is available. Godin Guitars - 211AB Godin will be showcasing its latest models, including a new Stadium ‘59 model in a des- ert green finish, a Progression Plus guitar in a cherry burst finish, and short-scale Dorches- ter bass. The Seagull Ukulele, new Maritime SWS Series, and the Entourage Series will also be shown. Art and Lutherie will feature the Roadhouse parlor guitar in a denim blue finish with the new Q-Discrete preamp. Graph Tech Guitar Labs - Booth 3520 Aside from showcasing its newest patent- pending product, Dry n’ Glide, an engineered hand talc made for players, Graph Tech will be demonstrating its new TUSQ thumb picks, patented Locking Ratio machine heads, and new Bass Ratio machine heads. Ratio balanced-gear tuning technology gives users separate gear ratios for each tun- er, providing an ideal balance of speed and precision on each string. Hammersmith Custom Basses - Booth 2950 Hammersmith will be showing its lineup of Canadian-built basses in four- and five-string variations. Featured at the booth will be the new Surf Green lefty J, which has been played by Sam Persons, bassist with country- rock artist Rick Monroe. Check out Hammer- smith’s Facebook page for show updates and artist appearances. Hammond Manufacturing Company - Booth 2531 The 100-year-old, Guelph, ON-based Ham- mond Manufacturing Company will be at the NAMM Show to display its broad range of standard products and modification ser- vices to electrical and electronic manufac- turers. The company manufactures electrical enclosures, racks and rack cabinets, outlet strips, and transformers. HeadHunters Sticks & Creations - Booth 7441 HeadHunters’ sticks, unique tapers, and “Stick with the Groove” designs, have been a Ca- nadian staple since the 1960s. HeadHunters continues to expand its offerings within the HeadHunters Creations line up, creating and advancing the designs of bundled rods and brush devices t [Y]\\]B[ˈ[]\Yۜ[Hۈ\^H]H NSSH˂[[Z[\Yۜ H LL []\X\Y[[Z[\Yۜ[B\H][Hو[[Z[[]\ܘX]\X[[[Y[[[[\[\^\ˈ\B[YHH[\][\X[[]܂XX]H[XKۚ\X[[[ B[\\[ۈ[ [Y]\\^][K\YH][]H\]Y[\X]HY[\YHZ[[[XۚX]KBXX[[Y[Y[XY XYH][[\^[0YHYY H L0YHYY\ܛ[]ZXH[[]\˜[H\X]܈܈]Z[\]\[™^[]\[\\]H[[ 0YHYY[[Hٙ\[X[[[[^\]H][]] ]x&\X]\ H L ]x&\\H][]][ۈ]H۝و[ H ]Z]\\[[܈ N]HX[ۈYYK][[^Y\Y[][X\Y H\X\\[Y[HZ]\܈]]˂]x&\[[]H[\\Y\و[YܙXHX[X][ۈ\[YB\ \[X\Y[[YX]\[[܈[Y][^Y\˂X[\X H LB\YX\X&H[\H]œ[X[ۈو[\X[XXHY˜[[]H[HH[H] ]] H\[x&\Y[H\H[˜X][][[]Y]\X] BX\\[[ܙKH\[H^\]\XYYY\[[\H\YX\[\\XHۈ][][Bݙ[H[H]SSK]\XX\][SH H M ]\XX\][SH[]\SSB][Y\\]H8'ܙX][قٝ\x'H]Y[H]XB[ ۘHYZ[HSH[[BܛH[H8'\H\[][۸'H܈[ܝق]\XH[]Y[\[]Yٝ\HX™H]\Xٝ\HXH[]\H\X]YH]\XX\][˂[]Y[ H L[]Y[[H[[ۜ][YB^][]Y[[Y[[[[]Y[[Y[H\وZ]\YXY[[YX][ۜ\[Z\][Y[