Canadian Music Trade - August/September 2017 - Page 5

Lindsey Lu on trends affecting Canadian retailers approaching 2018, Pg. 28 FEATURES DEPARTMENTS 09. FROM THE FLOOR Up Your Social Media Savvy 10. NEWS The latest industry happenings 22. 42. EVENTS 44. CLASSIFIEDS 46. ENDORSER UPDATE 18. SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT A Special Thank You Cover Design by Amanda Goncalves Photo provided by Pexels By Megan Beam Retailers from coast to coast weigh in with ideas on how to attract & properly service students (and their parents) during the ever- busy back-to-school sales season. More Than Just Fun Music Isn’t Just Recreation - It’s Education By Nancy Miller Everything from young people’s behaviour to their concentration can benefit from exposure to and involvement with music. That’s a fact, and we’ve got plenty of others. technology to marketing and more. 20. FACES Ryan Hamilton 30. BUSINESS MATTERS Make Customers of Your Students 28. 32. PRODUCT NEWS The latest products & technologies to hit the market 39. ADVERTISERS INDEX Be Ready for the Back-to-School Rush 26. Riversong Guitars 19. NAMM NEWS Get Schooled! Current & Incoming Canadian Retail Trends Read why even royalty is impressed with B.C.’s Riversong Guitars, Pg. 18 By Andrew King We explore some trends affecting the Canadian retail landscape in general leading towards the end of 2017, from consumer behaviour to technology to marketing and more.