Canadian Music Trade - August/September 2017 - Page 46

ENDORSER UPDATE STONE SOUR’S ROY MAYORGA Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess is the first artist to offi- cially endorse the Radial Key-Largo, a combination keyboard mixer, digital-to-analog interface, and performance pedal. “The Radial Key-Largo is my new best friend. It’s hard to believe all the audio connectivity goodness inside this compact unit,” says Rudess. “After I plugged in two stereo keyboards, my stereo iPad, and my [Roli] Seaboard, as well as a standard MIDI keyboard through the DIN port, all I could do was smile!” Porter & Davies has added Stone Sour’s Roy Mayorga to its artist roster. Mayorga is currently using the company’s tactile monitor seats. “The seat is definitely making me groove even more,” says Mayorga, who will be using his BC2 on the band’s summer American tour. The BC2 combines the throne top with the Tactile Generator mounted internally, coupled to a flight-cased electronics engine pack in order to allow drummers to better feel their playing. Grammy nominated drummer, singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer Anderson .Paak is now playing Sabian cymbals exclusively. On stage and in the studio, .Paak alternates between drumming, playing the piano, and singing and rapping. .Paak says, “I need my cymbals to sound like the war cry from a group of guerrilla soldiers and Sabian gets that done for me!” His current set-up includes 18-in. AA Sick Hats, a 19-in. Arti- san Crash, 12-in. AAX O-Zone Splash over a 10-in. AA Mini Holy China stack, Z[\]ZYYH[X[܈\\[YYK Z[PVY\ܘ\ [H Z[]][ۈVۙHܘ\ SQPSUTPQBSVHUSSԑH Q H SHUQTSB][KQܘ[[^K][[[Y\X[[KYYܘ\[[Y\X[B[\\ۙܚ]\[H]Y\[HXܙY\]\[[K\[\]\][]HPKL [PKLL Y]H[ژ]B]Y[˂'HPKL \H\ZXH]\܈[K8'H^\[[Y\[X\[^H][[ܙK8'[H\XHۙ\[H\[]B]X[]H\[[ˈ]8&\]H[[H8&Y\\X[8&HXK[\\و\[[ۙK]8&\\H[]\]]\ZX[BK]\H\H\و\\[[وHX[\[\\\HHPKL [\˸'