Canadian Music Trade - August/September 2017 - Page 36

PRODUCT NEWS Sabian Artisan Light Hats Sabian has released the Artisan Light Hats range, designed to deliver complex tone with crisp-but-soft stick sounds for dynamic responses at all levels. With their high-density hand hammering design, the Artisan Light Hats offer drummers a rich, dark sound for low-volume situations. The key to the design is its pairing of a thin-crash weight top with a medium-lightweight bottom, resulting in lower-pitched tone than Sabian’s regular Artisan Hats. This combination also adds more complexity and more open sound, which in turn makes them ideal for lower volume situations; however, they are not exclusively intended for low volume. While not designed for loud and heavy bands, their complexity and dark tone are ideal for many other settings. The Artisan Light Hats are available in 14- and 15-in. models in a natural or brilliant finish. For more information, contact Sabian: 506-272-2019,, Promark Sliver Essentials & Transport Deluxe Stick Bags Promark by D’Addario has introduced two boutique stick bags for working drum set players: the Sliver Essentials and the Transport Deluxe. Made from durable, weatherproof ballistic nylon and syn- thetic leather, these bags are built to withstand the wears of the road as well as on and off stage for travelling drummers. Both bags feature metal hanging hooks that affix to the tension rods of a drum to keep them secure while playing. The slim and simple Sliver Essentials stick bag has enough room to fit four pairs of drumsticks comfortably, as well as other essential tools for a gig. The larger Transport Deluxe stick bag features magnetic secured leather carrying handles, a large front-zippered pocket, a zippered interior pocket, metal hanging tom-mounts, a leather business card slot, a metal key leash, a pencil slot, a leather pocket for a wallet and cell phone, and ample drumstick storage. For more information, contact D’Addario Canada: 905-947- 9595, FAX 905-947-4336,, Denon SC5000 Prime Digital DJ Media Player Denon DJ has released the SC5000 Prime Digital DJ Media Player. The SC5000 Prime features a high-definition, high-contrast display that enables multi-touch gestures for latency-free, tactile track navigation, load, and playback. It is also the first DJ player capable of onboard music file analysis, which gives DJs dual-layer deck capability and an 8-in. rugged jogwheel with central display that displays either current playing track or custom artwork. Powered by a dedicated, multi-core internal processor, the SC5000 runs Engine Prime. This latest version of Denon DJ’s music librarian software is onboard the unit, offering direct access and convenient performance features. Unique on the SC5000 is its bank of eight multifunction trigger pads that provide more creative expression for hot-cues, loops, slices, and roll playback, all locked down by the SC5000’s accurate beatgrid analysis. Up to four SC5000 Players can be LAN networked for synchronized data transfer between units. For more information, contact inMusic Canada: 877-981- 9910, FAX 581-981-9913,, 36 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE Promark Transport Deluxe