Canadian Music Trade - August/September 2017 - Page 35

Bösendorfer 214VC Grand Piano Bösendorfer has released the 214VC grand piano, which parallels the 280VC in its expressive and dynamic range. The diverse range of tonal colours makes the 214VC versatile for a wide range of genres and styles, including classical, jazz, contemporary, chamber music, and more. While similar in concept to the 280VC, the 214VC offers a new action and keyboard scaling design for improved control and direct touch and feeling. It also has an optimized placement of string section and bridges at the soundboard for even string load, supporting the flexibility and effectiveness of the soundboard assembly resulting in improved sustain, projection, and dynam- ics. The new soundboard design creates a stable three-dimensional soundboard crown leading to enhanced resonance, dynamic spectrum, and sustain. For more information, contact Yamaha Canada Music: 416-298-1311, FAX 416-292-1171, DPA d:vice MMA-A Digital Audio Interface DPA Microphones has introduced the d:vice MMA-A digital audio interface, which features flexibility and a small form factor for mobile use. The d:vice MMA-A digital audio interface is a two-channel microphone pre- amp and A/D converter offering mono, dual, and stereo capabilities. The MMA-A comes with interchangeable lightning and USB cables for connectivity and its MicroDot inputs allow the d:vice to be connected to all DPA miniature micro- phones, including the d:screet Miniature, d:fine Headset, d:vote Instrument, and the d:dicate Recording microphones with the optional MMP-G preamp. For more information, contact GerrAudio Distribution: 613-342-6999, FAX 613-342-8499,, CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE 35