Canadian Music Trade - August/September 2017 - Page 32

PRODUCT NEWS 1 3 2 1 Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer Roland has introduced the SE-02 analog synthesizer, a collaborative effort from Roland and Studio Electronics and the debut product of the new Roland Boutique Designer Series. Featuring authentic discrete analog circuitry and hands-on controls for nearly all functions, the compact SE-02 allows users to produce classic and modern sounds with a lot of programmability. The SE-02’s analog synth engine features three voltage-controlled oscillators, a 24dB low-pass filter, and a dual gain-stage amplifier. The oscillators have six different waveforms with the feel and character associated with true analog VCOs. In addition, the oscillators are temperature stabilized with automatic tuning to provide solid operation while performing. Other features include three types of cross modulation (XMOD), a filter feedback loop, a tempo-syncing LFO with nine waveforms, envelope sweeping and inverting, oscillator sync, a noise generator, and a tempo-syncing delay. For more information, contact Roland Canada: 604- 270-6626, FAX 877-270-6552, 32 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE 2 Radial Cab-Link Speaker Cabinet Combiner Radial is now shipping the Cab-Link, a simple and compact solution for players who have a single speaker output on their amplifier but want to connect two cabinets simultaneously. Completely passive with no need for power, the Cab- Link combines two cabinets in either series or parallel configuration, which allows their total impedance to match the output impedance of the amp. Both cabinets are connected via speaker cables to outputs A and B, and an easy-to-use guide on the top of the Cab-Link lets us- ers know which input to connect their amp to, depending on the impedance ratings of the cabinets. The Cab-Link also features a line out, which can be used to feed another amplifier or an effects unit. A dedi- cated level control allows for fine-tuning of this output. For more information, contact Radial Engineering: 604-942-1001, FAX 604-942-1010,, 3 TC-Helicon Perform-VE Vocal Manipulator TC-Helicon has released the Perform-VE, which intro- duces Vocal Sample Synthesis that lets users instantly sample their voice and play it on a keyboard. VS Synthesis can be used to create the vocal sounds heard in contem- porary EDM, pop, and dance recordings. The Perform-VE is a vocal manipulator with MIDI-pitch-controlled sampling, vocal synth, and one-button drum looper. When used in live performance, the Perform-VE can do real-time pitch flattening and extreme sample manipulation, as well as more classic spatial effects, filtering, and looping. The Perform-VE’s adaptive tone automatically applies EQ, compression, de-essing, and gating optimization so vocals sound clean and clear. For more information, contact Intellimix: 514-457- 9663, FAX 514-457-0575,,