Canadian Music Trade - August/September 2017 - Page 23

Nearly 97 per cent of parents say they get overwhelmed leading up to the new school year. Minimize or alleviate some of that stress and you could have a lifetime customer on your hands. them to pick out the products and make their own shopping lists, but also making their children aware of the budget and sticking to it. That’s where savvy retailers can focus their atten- tion – making the shopping process as efficient and painless as possible. Doing so could easily win you a lifelong customer. Back-to-school shopping has changed drastically over the past few years with online shopping taking the world by storm, and for many, this has helped to alleviate some stress, but many families still prefer to do their shopping in-store. That seems to especially be the case for music students and teachers, as when it comes to instru- ments and accessories, in many cases, buying blindly online just isn’t an attractive option. So how does this all work when you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum? How have physical retailers come to adapt, compete, and prepare them- selves and their staff for their second-most important time of the year? What have they done to ensure they are stocked with everything new and returning stu- dents may need and can service those customers to the point that they won’t need to go anywhere else? There isn’t much to be done in order to predict where any one student’s interests may lie, but there are steps stores can take to ensure the back-to-school blitz is as efficient, successful, and stress-free for everyone, re- gardless of which side of the counter they’re on. There are several proven techniques at an MI dealer’s disposal that can maximize traffic and sales, like making sure they’re well-stocked with the hottest items, offering special discounts and promotions to the back-to-school shoppers, and ensuring their sales- people are ready to cater to this unique demographic and provide an inviting and enjoyable shopping expe- rience. Probably the most important and effective thing businesses can do to better prepare themselves for the back-to-school blitz is the same for them as it is for consumers, and that is planning ahead. CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE • 23