Canadian Music Trade - August/September 2017 - Page 20

FACES W hen Ryan Hamilton was just a few years old, if he wanted to let off some steam, he would just head down to the base- ment of his family’s Markham, ON home. There, amidst a floor virtually covered in drum gear, were three kits set up in a row. On the left was his father’s extensive Ya- maha Recording Custom kit. On the right, a vintage ‘70s Gretsch kit. Right in the middle, at a fraction of the size, was Ham- ilton’s cherry red junior kit with high-hats and a crash. Indeed, there are perks that come with your family operating one of the country’s top full-fledged percussion shops. Hamilton’s father, Dave, is the owner of Toronto’s Just Drums, and as such, Ryan grew up immersed in music. “I have clear memories growing up with there always being music on,” he says emphatically. “Led Zeppelin, Huey Lewis, James Brown, The Beatles… You name it.” Of course, the basement full of drum equipment didn’t deter him on his journey. “My music education definitely came from my dad,” he says, and from his early years banging away on his miniature set-up, it was all music, all the time, with some sports tossed in for good measure. “I was always buying tapes and CDs, taking drum lessons, going to concerts – just a full blown love of music.” Oddly enough, even though the fam- ily business was based in the MI industry, Hamilton’s first foray into the music busi- ness was as a road rep for Warner Music Canada, visiting record shops throughout Southern Ontario and chatting up the label’s latest releases. “I did that while at- tending school and earning a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing at the University of Guelph,” he explains. After graduation, he did some travel- ling before coming home to work at Just Drums. At that point, the store had been a staple of Yonge Street for over 20 years, and Ryan came onboard as the shop was in the process of moving to a larger loca- 20 CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE Ryan Hamilton By Andrew King tion. “What was initially maybe going to be a year or two [at the store] seamlessly turned into 10,” he says. “It was through my time at Just Drums that I learned about running a business, our crazy drum indus- try, and the Canadian music industry as a whole. I obviously became pretty familiar with Yamaha and how they do business during my time there, too.” In early 2016, the product marketing manager position for drums opened up at Yamaha Canada Music, and though Ham- ilton wasn’t actively seeking a new job, he couldn’t ignore the calling. “It presented a challenge and future that really excited me,” he admits. “I knew drums, I knew the Canadian retail market, I had a ton of contacts in the industry, and it was one of the few opportunities that hooked me enough to think I could leave a solid fam- ily business. A tough choice, for sure, but one that was met with incredible family support and encouragement.” Hamilton currently divides his time managing Yamaha’s acoustic and electric drum products and Paiste cymbals, main- taining proper inventory levels, running promotions, and anything else that main- tains a high level of exposure for the brands and products. He’s also actively involved in artist relations, supporting Yamaha Cana- da’s extensive roster of endorsers. Hamilton says he enjoys working within ՍqѥٔձɗtݥѠͼ)䁵ͥ䵵q%ӊéȁ+aɅїdѡԁݽձѡӊe)ɔЁɝ鄴)ѥݡɱ䁡́ѕх今t)Q՝ӊé䁉啅ȵ)ͥѕ́аѡɔٔ)ɕ䁉ͽͥЁ)ȁ!ѽՑ )ɥѼeéѥ́ ))ѡظqQ݅́Ѽ)͕еѡՅ䁅ɕͥ)ѡՙɥѼձ䁕ɤ))͔ձɔt͡ɕ̸q%Ё݅́)ɥɕ)ȁѼյхЁ䁹܁ɽ)ɝͽՅɕѥ̻͡t)!ѽͼ́Ʌٕ)ͥݽɬݥѠ́ݥ-ͤQ)ݼɕͥѽѡȁѡIٕͥɕ)QɽѼqMéٕͥȰѽͼ)ݔ݅́ѼٔЁѡ)ȻtQ䁅ͼѼѡ٥)她ݡѡȁӊé)Qɽѿé䁡́ȁѡ)ݸɽq$ٔѼt!)ѽ̰ͅqЁ͕́ݗeɔ݅)ѡЁЁх݅䁽ȁٕ)ѡЁɕхɅЁѼлt!)ѥٔݥѠ䁥ѡݥѕȰͽщ)ѡյȰ́ѡ́ݡٕ)́ѡ)1!ѽ́፥ѕ)ЁѡɥمeéQȁ ѽ)յ̰ݡe٥͡Ѽ)ѡ ɭЁݥѠͽ)ɽ́ɑݥѠѡ́)eյϊdѠٕͅ啅ȸ)=ѡͽͥ!ѽ)́éѠq፥ѕѱɥt)́́ݥɔɕѱ䁅݅ѥ)ѡɥمЁЁݼqѕѥ)ѱյȁ́ȁɱ̻t)QЁɅ͕́ѡՕѥ聩Ё)䁑մ͕́ݥ͕Ё͔́)Ёѡ啅)ɕ܁-́ѡѽȵ ) 5ͥQɅ