Canadian Music Trade - August/September 2017 - Page 19

NAMM NEWS By Joe Lamond A Special Thank You We’re just a few months away from The 2018 NAMM Show, and our exhibiting members deserve a huge “thank you” for their commitment and leadership to the growth of our industry. The stable and reliable platform that they have come to depend on to build their brands will once again be a “gathering of the tribes” for the global music, sound, and event technolo- gy products business. This January, member companies large and small from over 130 countries will come togeth- er to see the latest product innovations, expe- rience a vast array of education opportunities, and enjoy the exciting networking and musical events that only happen at The NAMM Show. While being predictable in a very unpredictable world has been a good thing at The NAMM Show, we’re excited about the many chang- es
in store for this upcoming year. Thanks to feedback from exhibitors and buyers alike, we have taken big steps to improve the show experience and increase the ROI for everyone. The addition of the new 200,000 sq. ft. North Hall at the Anaheim
Convention Center will give us a much-needed opportunity to “remodel the store.”
There will be more space to network and meet as well as improved food areas, easier aisle movement, and a big commitment to contain sound levels on the show floor to make it easier to conduct business. In addition, with the fruition of some important strategic alliances, NAMM will be virtually tripling our educational offerings. NAMM University, which includes the Breakfast Sessions and Idea Center, will offer up a whole new slate of relevant and high-value education for our retail members. Furthermore, TEC Tracks will help our members build a bridge to the exciting future opportunities that music technology brings to our industry. We’ll also round out the missing piece of our musical puzzle and attract live sound, lighting, staging, touring, and event technology professionals to The NAMM Show with enhanced education opportunities. By working together with AES and ESTA, our show will truly be the crossroads of all professionals who influence how music is made, heard, and enjoyed around the globe. Music educators, music business majors, and national and international educational policy leaders will also have special education oppor- tunities, bringing the entire musical ecosystem together. In a day where technology makes every individual a thought leader and communicator, bringing all the “musical tribes” together has never been more important. Who knows – the person visiting your booth could be an influential social media star with a million YouTube or Twitter followers! And the world’s med v&RvF6pFvfrW"V&W'2BW"W62pW76vRV&V6VFVFVB6fW&vRvR&Rw&FVgVf"W"7W'BBVvW F6VRV6BWfW'RbRV'FRR@6r'GVFW06V7BvFW"7W7FW'0W"&W7B7W7FW'2B'FW'2vFR'@F2V( f֖Ǟ( &WV7&VFrFW"ЦFFf&FF67W726W2VFW'7F@&GV7BBF7G&'WF6VvW2W&P&WFr&w&2BFRGW7G'7VW2F0f6RFf6RFW&7FvFW"'&B27&FЦ6'VFr'W6W72&VF62FB7BखfVV6RVFFR6rGG&7G2SVFWFWG0g&&VBFRv&B7&72Eb&B&FBFvFVrW&F'2BǐvVW&FRVGVf"Wr&GV7G2@vƖvB'&B&VVfG2'WB67&V6PGW7G'FVBBFR7F'BbV6'W6W70V"WBW"&V6FW&F6V7FfRb'F7G26VV'&FW2BfVV6W'26&RFV"WW&V6W0vF֖Ɩ2VrW&F'2FV7G&FPB6FFV"'&BvFFR&WBЧ6RBW"Wr'FW'62vFFPƗfW7G&VVFW"GvF667&VFW2f'GVWW&V6RFBWFVG2FR6~( 2&V6FWfV&RFVF7W7FW'2fBWr'WW'0FR&'W7B6rf"v&B672VGV6FBVVR6rWW&V6RG&w2FR&W7@bW62&WFW'2BF7G&'WF'22vV0fVVW26627GVF2FVG&W27'V6R62W6VVB&2W6W2bv'6BFW 'W6W76W2WFƗrFR6rFfBFPFW7BW626VBBWfVBFV6w&GV7G27&VFR&VWfB6FV@vFFRW626VBBWfVBFV6wGW7G&W2vFW&VBR6RBRFRFW&R&RR'GVFW2F7&VFR7W7FЦ6FVBf"&F27&72VFRVFFf&2FB&RƖRvFFRGFW7BG&VG2WFƗRW"6rWW&V6R&VFPF&V6'&FW"v&VFV6RV"p6W2B&WFrVff'G2&VfRW"FVХ6VRf'7BֆBrW"FVFW&7G2vFV6FW"BvF7W7FW'22FW&FPW"'&Bf'7BֆB'6W'fF26V@F&fVVG2F&VvGW7G'VGV6FG&rB&RrvrRFW7F&Ɨ6FR&vBVfVB&6f"v&pvF7W7FW'2FƖr&V7F2B66rFR6R66R#RB2&VV&W6FV@B4TbFRF766FbW60W&6G2ҒFRv&Bf"&fBG&FP766F&W&W6VFrVf7GW&W'2@&WFW'2bW667G'VVG2B6VB&BЧV7G2( 2֗762F7G&VwFVFRW60&GV7G2GW7G'B&FRFRV7W&W2@&VVfG2brW624DU42E$DP